Thomo1 13:25 23 Mar 2005

Right then ive just used this program and selected the following:

files in temp directories, scandisk files, windows history, recycle bin and in advanced option c: free space and memory.

Ive wiped all of these with this program but how now do i go about wiping the HD for good??

I cant seem to get on with killdisk as it only lets me clean my a: and i cannot get my head around using supershredder.

Can any1 tell me how to wipe the disk for good with Ultrawipe?


  Technotiger 13:43 23 Mar 2005

Hi, if I understand your phrase-ology Wiping the disk means Re-formatting your HD - is this what you want to do?


  Thomo1 13:48 23 Mar 2005

im selling my cpu and want to completly erase data on the HD for good so that even the most advanced file retrieving software cannot find anything.

I understand though that a format and re-install of windows does not delete the info for good. I want a fresh HD as tho i brought it only this morning with nothing and and nothing that tracable.

  Technotiger 13:53 23 Mar 2005

Me again - I would recommend a straightforward re-format. Someone would have to be pretty desperate to attempt to find anything on your HD after a re-format. Don't even bother to re-install windows - that would probably be technically illegal anyway if you are selling your pc.


  Thomo1 13:56 23 Mar 2005

im just paranoid as i dont know whos hands the computer is going to end up in.

For peace of mind id love to know that the HD is spotless of my info - forever.

Could u advice me plz?

  Technotiger 14:02 23 Mar 2005

Sorry Thomo, one can never be completely sure that the HD is totally 'clean' - even 'new' ones that you buy in a shop.


  Technotiger 14:03 23 Mar 2005

ps - sound as if you have guilty conscience. :-))

  Terry Brown 14:22 23 Mar 2005

If you using XP, put the XP CD, opt for install, when you get to the terms and conditions (press f8 to continue), after pressing f8, select advanced,select delete partition, re-partition it into a different size (i.e. if you have an 80gb drive, split it into 2 x 40gb and format. this will wipe out any chance of a data being revovered on your system. If you are using Win98 or ME, use FDISK to do the same job.

  ventanas 15:16 23 Mar 2005

You could try this click here Overwrites every sector with zeros. I use it myself because all pc's here contain sensitive data.

  Thomo1 15:30 23 Mar 2005

ps - sound as if you have guilty conscience. :-))


no guilty conscience, just a very paranoid, you cant trust anybody mentality.

  pj123 17:39 23 Mar 2005

If you are that paranoid would it not be easier to put a brand new hard disk in and take yours out?

You could then use it yourself in another machine safe in the knowledge that you know who has it.

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