Ultra wide monitor help and advice

  bearwells 15:25 08 Dec 2016

I have a query regarding TVs/monitors and I was wondering if you could help me. I'm in the process of kitting out a music studio and would like to upgrade my 10+ year old monitor. I am looking at a number of ultra wide monitors due to the extra screen space they would allow me; especially useful for Logic and arrangement of long compositions. However, my studio will also be a social space and when collaborating with other musicians or just taking a break from making music - I would like my monitor to enable me to watch TV and to have split screen or picture in picture functionality for times when I am working but there is football on. I realise that ultra wide monitors with in built TV tuners are few and far between so if needs be I would consider another solution such as a digital TV box - but this is another area I don't know too much about. My budget for the monitor is around £350 although somewhat flexible and I am looking for around 27-34 inches in size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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