ultra dma mode-5 S.M.A.R.T capable but disabled

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a friend of mine have this problem and i would like to usk for your help. in the middle of watching movie comp just shut down and after restart he got this message ultra dma mode-5 S.M.A.R.T capable but disabled. i havent look at it yet i will tom. but just wandering what would be the prob. in my opinion its the hard drive prob and i think that its actually begining of total hard drive failure. but maybe im wrong and somebody come across whit this prob and can give me some positive respond. maybe there is a chance to repair it somehow. if anybody know some please let me know so i can try to help him tom.

maybe just the bios seting would do the trick. maybe enable the smart function in bios. his has got some important data on the comp.

thank you for your help and i will look at your responds tom.

specs:maybe not acurate cos i havent seen the comp yet and he wouldnt tell me.

winxp pro, 512MB ram, athlon 2800 i ges, nvidia 5200, hard drive dont know brand but size is 80GB, DVD RW and CD RW. msi mobo with ati chipset.

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Reporting on the HDD as you suspected.

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Is usually not a problem. It can give you advanced warning of a hard drive problem. You are correct in saying it is a setting in the bios that will enable or disable SMART.

If there is a problem with the hard drive and you enable SMART. It probably will give you a warning to back up the drive as soon as possible.

I find, usually, that there is no problem when this message appears.;-)

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ok so what do i do just enable smart and you think the prob could be solved ?

and of course suggest to my friend to back up all data and buy new hard drive?

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Enable SMART in the bios, save settings and exit. The comp will reboot and if you have a problem with the hard drive SMART will tell you as it boots, or stops it from booting;-)

If there is no problem that SMART can see, it will boot straight into windows.

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ok thank you will try tom and post back. good night

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ok i have found out that it was folty ram. i removed card and everything was runing smoothly. thank you for your help anyway hope this may help to somebody else. cu

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Would never have thought about the ram. Glad it's sorted. :-)

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