Ultra ATA Hard Drive is this IDE compatible?

  wint 09:13 27 Apr 2010


My daughter has a Dell Inspiron 700m laptop (about 5 years old) with a 60GB Ultra ATA hard drive which is making ticking noise - I am sure it's failing.

I want to replace the drive before it finally stops, I will Ghost the image of the (backed up) drive across to a new drive.

Would a standard IDE drive such as this click here from CCL work?

I have done a search but I am not sure of the differences.

Thanks in advance.

  Strawballs 09:18 27 Apr 2010

At 5yrs old it will be an IDE drive I've just installed a 500gig one in my daughters 5yr old machine.

  Batch 09:23 27 Apr 2010

In practice, IDE = ATA = PATA = Ultra ATA.

The one things these aren't is SATA (Serial ATA) which is different interface / controller technology.

Ebuyer has a good selection of 2.5" IDE drives click here

  Strawballs 09:54 27 Apr 2010

Sorry did not read properly so not found 500gig lapyop one but yes to your question it will fit.

  Technotiger 09:54 27 Apr 2010

Would a standard IDE drive such as this click here from CCL work .....


  wint 10:26 27 Apr 2010

Thank you, on my way to CCL right now.


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