Ultra 66 BIOS not installed

  hellred 10:46 06 Jun 2005

Hi there

A genius mate of mine brought me this machine its a P3 with agigabyte GA-2000+ Mobo new Hdd and a floppy and Cd.
He bought a new Hdd and attempted to install Windows XP and he had a bootable CD, That did not want to work. I suggested that he change the boot order in the bios, which he did and on re-boot thats the message he now gets. "ultra 66 bios not installed " it defaults to a screen showing the spec of the processor and what drives there are, no cd by the way and there is nothing that i have tried to get out of that pressing delete and F1 etc nothing works.
Has anyone got a solution or suggestion for me !!

  DieSse 11:02 06 Jun 2005

There should be a jumper to clear the CMOS on the motherboard - it's ususlly near the battery. Move it to the reset position for a few seconds - then back again.

If you're not sure which it is, take out the battery for several hours, and that should clear the CMOS.

Power off and mains plug out for both operations.

Try again and report back.

  hellred 11:23 06 Jun 2005

I did think of removing the battery as i cannot see a jumper that i can reset on, but i only removed the battery for a few seconds not longer, i have removed it now and will try later again. Thanks let you know whats happened.

  hellred 14:11 06 Jun 2005

However after selecting the default values and saving, the machine re-boots and still comes up with the same message " ultra 66 bios not installed " and back to square one.

Any ideas ??

  DieSse 14:54 06 Jun 2005

How are the magnetic and Optical drives cabled?

Which is on which IDE cable, and how are the jumpers set?

  DieSse 14:54 06 Jun 2005

And take off the cables and push them back on securely.

  hellred 15:18 06 Jun 2005

There are 3 points for the cable to plug into the board on the lower part 1st is white 2nd is black 3rd is blue ( says ultra 66 2 ) above that there are two 1st black and says floppy 2nd blue says ultra66 1.

Cables are so bunched up its impossible to tell what connects to what, but none of that was ever touched all he says he did is unplug the Hdd and replug it into the new one.
White lower is connected to the CD. Black lower is connected to the HDD. Black upper is connected to the floppy. the 2 blue ones saying Ultra are empty.

  DieSse 16:29 06 Jun 2005

OK - found some documentation about your board.

It has (unusually) 4 IDE (drive) sockets - 2 standard (ATA33) and two uprated (ATA66).

The reason for the message is that you don't appear to have anything connected to the ATA66 sockets.

Your hard drive will run faster if it is connected to the 66MHz sockets - but it will need to get an 80 wire cable if you don't already have one.

Then,it's possible the BIOS may need looking at to enable / disable the variuos unused sockets.

It's also possible that the problmes you are having are due to a failing battery losing it's settings - so I suggest you get a new battery whilst you are at it.

  hellred 16:40 06 Jun 2005

I thought the battery might be the problem and replaced it with a new battery, same result.

And why was it functioning before, all he did i change the drive ? What made it fail after the drive was changed ?
There seems to be 5 IDE sockets.

1 X white

2 X black
2 X green ata66

What about changing the cabling, could that be the problem ? There are currently 3 IDE cables used and all run from seperate sockets.

  DieSse 17:43 06 Jun 2005

The floppy one is not an IDE casble - it's just a floppy drive cable. only for floppy drives.

It's possible that the BIOS was correctly configured, and that after a loss of configuration due to a dodgy battery, it needs to be changed back to avoid the message - I can't really tell from here!

It's essential that the two IDE cables, are

Primary IDE to the hard drive

Secondary IDE to the optical drive.

Perhaps they been changed over or even pulled out of their sockets slightly, when the drive was changed. Try pushing them back into the sockets on the motherboard. Also make sure at the drive ends the cables are the correct way round - red edge closest to the power socket.

PS - before you move any cables around make sure the power is off AT THE MAINS - this is not for your safety, but the safety of the motherboard.

  hellred 15:03 08 Jun 2005

I replaced the batery and removed the cables reinstalled the cables. When i changed the battery i could get back into the bios but on re-boot the same problem.
Buying a new Mobo and thats it had it now.

Thanks for your help.

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