ultra 100 bios is not installed

  twin 19:31 05 Apr 2005

please help. I cannot not get my mother board to complete its post i get the error message.
ultra 100 bios is not installed because there were no drivers attached. the board is Asus A7V
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  dan11 21:29 05 Apr 2005

You could try this. Enter the bios and go to the advanced section. Enter via onchip IDE devices and check that primary master / slave / secondary master /. slave UDMA are all set to auto. F10 to save and exit.

Or you could use F6 to load fail safe defaults.

  DieSse 21:56 05 Apr 2005

Ultra BIOS refers to the Ultra 100 controller chip on the motherboard. If you have the hard drive connected to the standard controller instead of the Ultra 100 controller or you are not using an 80 wire Ultra ribbon cable, this would be the indication.

Pobably means you need to disable the RAID in the BIOS, assuming you have no drives connected to it.

  twin 13:07 06 Apr 2005

I dont think the board has raid just four ide connectors 2 at 60 and 2 at 100. when it boots it shows cpu correct and memory correct then master drive correct. after which it then trys to detect. Thats when ultra 100 bios comes up. Then it stops
I am using the cable I got with the board.

  DieSse 14:04 06 Apr 2005

Of the 4 IDE connectors, 2 can be configured as RAID, or standard IDE. There are jumpers to say which - according to one site I looked at the manual gives jumper settings the wrong way round to enable the RAID.

So - how have you got thte RAID setup - which two connectors are you using to connect your drives - and what type of cable are you using - 80 wire or 40 wire?

I can't actually look at the manual right now, as the Asus site isn't working too well.

  DieSse 14:05 06 Apr 2005

PS - If you're using the blue connectors, try switching to the black ones, or vice-versa.

  DieSse 14:10 06 Apr 2005

You could read this review, as it says they had problems with IDE connection - read it right the way thru'.

I actually think on looking at this article you should be using one black and one blue connector for your drives - the native set - not the "other" set. This would normally mean your hard drive to the blue connector, and the optical drive(s) to the black one.

  DieSse 14:10 06 Apr 2005

Sorry forgot the link to the article click here

  twin 15:09 06 Apr 2005

Thanks for all your help. I have fixed my problem
by throwing the dam thing in the bin.

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