The Ultimate Windows 7 put to some testing

  Splodge 21:27 07 May 2009

I have spent the day testing the new Windows 7.

The download of the program was smooth but slow (no doubt because many others were doing the same thing) but without other incident.
I mounted it onto a DVD and installed it on a spare drive. Again, although very slow to install there was no other trouble. I had tried earlier editions so am fairly familiar with the look.

One of the great things about it is, it saves the previous data in a different part of the drive which can be accessed and moved over to the main section.

But.... there is no Outlook Expess, you hsve to provide another e-mail service. Mine is Incredimail and that is not compatable. However, other programs which need updated drivers are done for you almost without a blink.

My WinTV installed almost immediately and there is an "Active Window" which produces amazing pictures, and although my screen is big and new there was a noticible difference. Similarly, the dound drivers were automatically found and installed and worked without any action from me.

Obviously it is different but it is very slow to respond, something which will change, I am sure. It is installed on a new drive though!

All in all, much better than Vista but not yet up to the task of replacing XP. In due cource I have no doubt though that it will be a worthy successor.

I am giving one day a week to trying out different aspects of this new OS.

Once you get used to it the navigation is easy but I have to say that the best thing about this experience was the ability to quickly get on-line and the way needed drivers were found and installed.

A good first day for me!

PS: I am in my 80th year and not as quick as I used to be so that speaks well of the ease of use of this Ultimate Windows 7, build 7100.0.090....

  Chas49 21:58 07 May 2009


"PS: I am in my 80th year and not as quick as I used to be so that speaks well of the ease of use of this Ultimate Windows 7, build 7100.0.090...."

I am just a year behind you. We wrinklies are (according to some younger people) supposed to be slow, inactive and veritable cabbages - I think that your thread goes a long way to disprove that. May the force be with you!

  Splodge 07:48 08 May 2009

Thank you Chas49!

Can I just amend my post.
"dound drivers" should have read "onboard sound drivers".

One oddity, but welcome, was my Microsoft Live Cam which was deemed to be not compatible. The computer then searched for other drivers and a superior upgrade for a later version was installed. Looked better too!

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