ukash virus on hudl android

  1ellie04 22:58 21 Apr 2014

my daughters Hudl has developed a UKASH virus it has locked the tablet and asking for a pin code, which in can purchase (yeah right!) how do I remove the virus, I haven't seen any info on this on any site I have visited so please help Thank you

  rdave13 23:05 21 Apr 2014

First one to my knowledge to happen. A ransom ware malware on an Android system.

It's a Tesco android and I would talk to them first before re-setting to factory reset.

If you will have to reset then download Avast for android. Also search for antimalware for it.

These arseholes get everywhere.

  rdave13 23:15 21 Apr 2014

PS, thanks for the post as I shall be looking for an antimalware product for my Nexus 7.

  rdave13 23:21 21 Apr 2014

Just opened the Nexus, not used in a while, and in google store found Malwarebytes antimalware is available so downloaded that and coupled with Avast I might get away with it.

  lotvic 00:24 22 Apr 2014

It's possible it has just locked the homepage of Browser (same as it does on an Apple Mac) have a look at the vid posted by 'Jack' on that shows how to reset browser and clear it up.

  rdave13 00:32 22 Apr 2014

lotvic , never thought it would be a browser hijack. Thought it was a boot up warning. Thanks for that.

  KESTASNORKUS 01:20 22 Apr 2014

Hi all. Got this ukash virus on my sons galaxy tab 3. Its only 2 weeks old and has installed AVG antivirus since day of purchase. The tablet (with Android 4.2) is completely locked without any chance of getting into settings even after restart. Guys,it looks a nasty one,it says that all files will be erased in 24 hours and phone (its a damn WiFi only tablet,so no sim card)will be permanently locked if 50 euros will not be sent through ukash system.I am sure this bloody thing got from Google Play store as tablet settings I was checking a couple of hours before and the option that allows app installation from unknown courses was 100% unchecked-meaning my boy was only able to send and install his games from Google Play store.I am gutted what to do next,as there is zero info on this virus infecting Android devices.Hope I can trigger some response and I'll be posting on further development. Tomorrow I'm heading to PC World and hope it will be sorted as it was purchased with 3 year full cover.Take care and good luck everybody.

  CodyBurgess 03:59 22 Apr 2014

Hello, I got this dahm virus today as well on my Sony Xperia Z phone and tried every which way to get it around it. Tried hard reset, booting in safe mode, entering different codes into the keypad but the thing only lets emergency calls. I also tried plugging it into my computer and it would not let me into the phone through Sony PC Companion or through My Computer. I brought it into the store I bought it from and they tried various things as well and were stumped too? I even asked if they could restore it to factory state but neither them or me could manage to even get that to happen. Tey told me to call Sony tech support and I was able to reset it to factory state which wiped everything off my phone but at least it is working once again. This is the exact same description KESTASNORKUS ^ gave. It asked to send 50usd/eur/? through a UKASH voucher to get some 19pin password to unlock the phone. It also had a countdown timer from 24hrs or else it would reset and delete everything on it which is ironic because I had to end up doing that anyway, bullshit.

  CodyBurgess 04:07 22 Apr 2014

Oh I forgot to mention that I got this virus from the Google Play Store from an app call "Funny Ringtones". Once I downloaded that and ACTIVATED it, this happened. So make sure you read what it says before ACTIVATING the dahm thing because I didn't read the details and figured it was safe coming from the Google Play Store. Once I ACTIVATED it, it locked the screen to that stupid UKASH page.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:13 22 Apr 2014

"...........there is zero info on this virus infecting Android devices."

Yes, and that makes me a tad suspicious. Within four hours, three new posters claim to have encountered the same problem and yet I can't seem to find anyone else reporting the same type of infection on their android devices. I wondering if a fourth new poster will now appear recommending some paid-for security app to tackle this "nasty" new threat ;)

As mentioned by Lotvic, I have seen Ukash on a Mac OS computer but it wasn't an infection as such but merely a webpage that demanded payment. When the user navigated to a different website, the problem when away.

  onthelimit1 11:35 22 Apr 2014

SS - oh, you're a cynic (and rightly so in this case, I'd say)!

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