Ukash scam problems again

  aitch2 12:53 19 Jul 2013

Over last weekend I picked up the Police scam (Ukash). Have done searches (PCA & Google etc) and have used Kaspersky and IMBurn following the links and guide as previous PCA advice. I can enter the Bios to change the boot order to CD & although I have tried the various options (Safe Mode/ Command prompt/ Bootable CD) etc. when I restart the computer, it goes into Windows and starts, and therefore it won't boot from the Kaspersky rescue disc. Am I missing a step or is something else needs doing. The laptop runs WinXP, AVG Free, & Malwarbytes is already installed. Any further options as to where to go from here? Thanks

  onthelimit1 13:33 19 Jul 2013

After you change the boot order, are you clicking F10 to save and exit? If so, it should boot from the CD (assuming it's in the drive before the reboot).

  aitch2 13:50 19 Jul 2013

Yes, I am pressing F10, and the rescue disc is in the drive.

  lotvic 14:35 19 Jul 2013

With some bios/cmos' you have to 'press any key to boot from CD' at the end of the post screen. There is usually a very brief message to tell you this and it is easy to miss. I usually start repeatedly tapping the space bar when Post is about finished.

  aitch2 14:58 19 Jul 2013

Thanks for that. So pressed the F10, disc was in and then pressed the spacebar as per your method. Next screen to come up was a "Hardware profile/Configuration Recovery Menu", but only showing the Acer-System choice. Option there to use up and down arrows to choose, but as Acer-System was the only option showing and highlighted I chose that. That action brought up the Checkdisc screen (for the umpteenth time as I have tried other previous method.)which as windows started to load returned me to the Ukash message. I appear to be going around in circles.

  aitch2 15:47 19 Jul 2013

Thanks, tried F5 and it came up with the Windows advanced Options Menu screen, giving the same choices as Safe Mode/Command Prompt/ Networking etc. but no option to boot from cd. I'm on wifi with the problematic laptop so I tried "Safe working with networking". That brought me back to the Acer-System screen, which locks on to Drivers list screen and finally shuts downBeen there, done it, tee-short etc.

  T0SH 15:58 19 Jul 2013

Easy way to fix this is to temporarily remove the hard drive and fit it into a usb enclosure then connect it to another PC which has Malwarebytes installed and updated then from explorer right click on the infected drive and choose scan with Malwarebytes from the options, wait until it finishes then choose the remove infections option to delete the infected files (this process can take quite a long time depending on the drive capacity) just have patience it will eventually tell you when it is clean then if you fit the drive back into the PC it came from it should boot up normally with no sign of this infection

Cheers HC

  aitch2 16:25 19 Jul 2013

Thanks for the reply. Have been slowly thinking that this might be the way to go & was hoping I might have got a resolve before it came down to this. I have been chasing this for the last several hours and I'm getting a little frazzled, so I think a cold beer is in order and have a go tomorrow. Beats getting sunburn!

  nickf 19:47 19 Jul 2013

You may have to enable the cd rom in bios ,as well as boot order . I usually use the optimized settings option , this may well cure your non booting cdrom .

  aitch2 14:29 24 Jul 2013

NickF: Had tried the boot from CD-Rom and the Bios, but no success with either. In the end a chance conversation with a mate of mine suggested our local independent (one-man-band)computer shop. Enough to say problem is now solved, dropped it of on Monday, & picked it up on Tues a/m. So £25 lighter, but more than pleased and machine is clean as a whistle. Appears a bit faster to! So I still had the beers, still got some hair left, but didn't need the tranquilisers. Thanks to all who contributed. Much appreciated

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