"UK Telecom" Adsl Problems in France

  mickeymirage 13:06 24 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I'm new to the site and I'm afraid I'm going to have to make an inauspicious start by asking for help straight away! the body of this message is copied from an earlier forum I asked for help on:

I recently moved to Normandy, France and bought a package by an english-speaking ISP called UK Telecom. (Details of the package I have are here: »click here···_bb.php). I've been having problems with the ADSL dropping out at what seems to be busy times, mainly evenings from about 7pm onwards and lasting until early morning the next day. This doesn't happen every night, but often enough to be annoying, considering I use VOIP to make calls over the internet. I'm using the router that came with the package and both computer and router is plugged into an anti-surge plugboard (although I can't think why that would be a cause of the problem).

The very helpful support staff at UK Telecom have tried to think of everything that could be the problem, have even sent an engineer who couldn't find any problems with the line and suggested that it might be a problem at my end, rather than with the phone company. I live about 2.5km away from the exchange, which I've been told isn't too far but it is rural france and the staff at UK Telecom and myself are leaning towards there being a problem with the exchange, i.e. it can't handle the volume of calls during peak times.

There is another possibility that we've considered: near to the phone line socket (but not next to, it's mounted on the ceiling) there is a black box with a cable running into it, that could possibly be a condenser - but because there are no pictures of it on the web, I can't verify this!

Has anyone had any similar problems and managed to fix it? I don't want to have to come to the conclusion that the fault simply lies with the local exchange because then I'm sort of at the mercy of the telephone company!



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