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  jesta 20:31 03 Jun 2005

im not sure if this is the right place to post this subject but i was just wondering a good broadband vendor to use?i am currently using freedom2surf but UKOnline a lot cheaper so im thinking of switching.

so are they any good?


  Technotiger 20:37 03 Jun 2005

Hi, UK on-line is as good or as bad as any other, they all have their ups and downs. My daughter uses ukonline without problems though on her Mac.


  jesta 16:24 04 Jun 2005

cheers mate,i go for them then :)

  pj123 17:42 04 Jun 2005

If you are looking at ukonline for £9.99 make sure you check first. It is only available at that price if your exchange is LLU enabled.

Read this previous thread first:

click here

  jesta 19:26 10 Jun 2005

sorry for posting nearly a week late but been doing exams. :(

when i checked on their boradband avaliability thingy,it said i can get it and it also says the places where i live is that means i most certainly able to get it?


p.s. stupid question do i need to pay any money to switch from f2s to ukonline?

  pj123 11:41 11 Jun 2005

I think you would have to check with your existing ISP on that. If you are on a 12 month contract you might have to pay a penalty for cancelling early. Alternatively, you could just wait until your existing contract nears completion and then cancel it. You may be offline for a while until you start with UKonline but you could always take up a Pay As You Go dialup connection (providing you still have an analogue modem fitted). I am on BB but I still have an analogue modem fitted for emergencies. It is not plugged in to the phone line until I need to use it.

  jack 14:17 11 Jun 2005

UK online - great site.
Cheapbroad band as mentionion only available on LLU equipped exchanges.
The reponse you have had is almostcertainly for 'normal' broadband £19.99 p.p
LLU exchanges are few and far between the parent company EasyNet has it installed in only about half a dozen or so so far.

The cheapest rate on Ukonlive so far is 'Opensurf'
which can be as little as £10 permonth is you pay a year upfront.this gives you literally 24/7 on line with no BT bills

  pj123 15:51 11 Jun 2005

When you entered your postcode and telephone number on UKOnline what response did you get.

I just tried it and I get.

"Good News! Broadband is available in your area.
Important: you are not currently on our network.

We will be delivering Broadband services to your BT phone line using BTs network, which means we are unable to offer you our lowest Broadband prices. Although £9.99 Broadband is not available in your area you can still choose from our great unlimited Broadband services etc..."

Please make sure you can get their BB service for £9.99 before going ahead. Read all the small print not just the main headline.

  jesta 10:33 12 Jun 2005

when i entered my postcode and telephone number i had this:
"Congratulations! Broadband is available in your area.

We will deliver broadband services to your BT phone line* using our own network, which means you can benefit from our lowest prices and highest speeds."

so does that mean i can get broadband for it?

  jack 11:07 12 Jun 2005

Jesta- the last ine in your post asks
so does that mean i can get broadband for it?

Yes is the answer - for 19.99 per month
the cheap rate is for LLU euippede exchanges only
so far they are as common as rocking horse ordure

Mail then your post code

  pj123 11:41 12 Jun 2005

"using our own network" certainly suggests to me that your exchange is LLU enabled. The response I got on mine was "using BTs network"

Looks like you are one the few.

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