uk laptop in France not connecting to wireless

  bass78 16:44 27 Nov 2008

Hi all,

Am based in France, have Orange internet in the house, it is wireless and i use an english laptop. I can only connect to the internet with the cable, but my laptop cannot connect to any wireless networks, especially my own! ANy suggestions pls.

Many thanks in advance. Dan

  woodchip 16:54 27 Nov 2008

You have to be using a Wireless router to be able to connect with, Not just a USB modem

  m800afc 17:01 27 Nov 2008

I had exactly the same problem when I was on holiday in France recently. I was told it was incompatible wifi software on the computer. The same person told me to find a B&B hotel, (Chaine B&B). They have free, unlimited internet in all the reception and breakfast areas in each of the hotels. They have a system which is compatable with all but the oddest of protocols.
I tried it, and my laptop worked perfectly when connecting wirelessly to their system.
It is one way of checking your laptops wireless connectivity.
Hope this helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 27 Nov 2008

A Livebox?

If you can connect to the livebox BUT NOT get any web pages to open you need to cahange the security setting in the live box.

To change the setting

1. Connect to the live box with an ethernet cable.

2. click here or type http:// configuration.adsl/ (without the space) in your browser address line.

3. you will now be connected to the livebox click on "Access to the configuration pages (access to these pages is restricted, you must have the password)."

4. Input the username and password (admin for both if you have not changed it)

5. Click Configuration - Advanced - Wireless

6. You will see that it is set to WPA or WEP security click and set to WPA security only

7. Click submit and wait for the livebox to reset itself.

8. Disconnect the ethernet cable and you now should be able to connect by wireless

  B.J. 17:13 27 Nov 2008

Hello bass78.
I was just looking on here for something else when I saw your question.We live in 29 and I am using my Dell laptop from our little caravan through the camp site's Orange wifi connection.
No trouble at all......I think your primary concern has always got to be is your Orange live box working OK. They have been LOTS of trouble in the past but I think they are more or less sorted by now. We had loads of trouble to start with, as did many of our other friends as well, with there own Orange set up....but now things are better !
Have you gone through your normal set up on your pc....looking for signals etc ?
If not, click on the two little screens at bottom right of screen and follow set up procedure.
If in any eliminate your pc from fault, visit a wifi cafe and buy a coffee...make yourself confortable and surf a system that you know works. If all works, PCs OK so Its your Orange set up at fault.
If nobody can help I'll see what else I can help with.....B.J.

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