UK Google searches preferred

  Salut 15:46 29 Mar 2011

In spite of having the Google search set as I seem to get American results first. Each time I am having to click on the separate tab 'Pages from the UK'.

Is there some way of restricting the initial searches to the UK web sites?

  AroundAgain 15:53 29 Mar 2011

I think there is, so will be interested to learn how to change it.

I just stick 'UK' after the search subject. That sorts it

  onthelimit1 15:56 29 Mar 2011

Strange, as my home page is and the majority of the results are for UK sites.

  rawprawn 16:10 29 Mar 2011

My results are the same as onthelimit1, neraly all UK based

  adam32 16:50 29 Mar 2011

Do you not get the "Pages from the UK" filter below your location on the left of the results page?

In any case, since Google dropped the equivalent to that option that used to be below the search input (where it should be!), it has relied on its understanding of its own results coupled with the need for website owners to do the right things to ensure that their location is recognised and target market correctly worked out by Google.

That has, as you've found, sometimes been less than perfect, but it's the way in which search is going. It will get better, but fine tuning your own way of searching (to keep up with the changes) can help.

Some results that would be relevant won't always be well placed, while some irrelevant results may be prominent: that's just a reflection of the enormous complexity involved for all concerned and the fact that the picture is constantly evolving.

  Salut 17:12 29 Mar 2011

Many thanks for the replies so far.

As you point out Adam32 the results can be less than perfect.

Not that long agao I could search for, say, printer inks and would get a good selection from the UK. The results now show a bias to the USofA, which is not helpful to me.

I use the Opera browser and recently reset the Google search to ensure that I was on the right lines in the first place. Your comments seem to suggest that that was already the case.

I shall mark this thread as resolved, again thanks for the responses.

  Batch 17:17 29 Mar 2011

If you use Google Toolbar to do your searches (only available if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox), one of the buttons on the toolbar (when installed in the UK) is UK - Find pages in a country.

Would that help?

  march 17:31 29 Mar 2011

I had this problem & was solved here

click here

  march 17:33 29 Mar 2011

should have read

try using this url for google

click here

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