UK English Spell Checker for Outlook Express

  Batch 15:29 28 Feb 2010

Thought this might be of use to some people.

I'd got a new netbook (running XP Home) that I didn't really want to install Office on and so, as I'm using Outlook Express, I was short of a spell checker - especially a UK English spell checker.

I was already aware of OESpell (available from click here and other download locationss) which is a standalone spell checker for OE - but US English.

Having scouted around many had asked about a UK English capability, but apart from one guy in Australia that is "selling" a solution I couldn't find anything.

After some investigation I discovered that the dictionary file supplied with OESpell probably included UK English as well as US. This seems to be the same with Office - i.e. UK & US share the same file as so much of it is the same. I also discovered that OESpell sets up a registry key set under the language ID 1033 (for US English), so I thought that maybe setting up another registry key set under language ID 2057 (UK English) might do the trick - and it did.

The solution is quite simple. Install OESpell and then edit the registry as follows.

Locate the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\Spelling

Under this key there should be a key 1033. This contains the information necessary for US English.

It is just a matter of adding another key of 2057 at the same level as 1033 and then replicating everything that is under 1033 under 2057 (there's not much).

If you then go into OE not only will the Spelling tab be enabled under Tools / Options, but in in addition to US English, UK English should be available as a language (in fact it may already have defaulted to UK English - I guess if UK English is set up as your system's default language).

I've only just done this, but it seems to work fine. Will report back if I find any glitches.

  Sea Urchin 16:17 28 Feb 2010

You don't need to go into the registry - these are the instructions for Windows Mail, but it's the same for Outlook Express.

Hit WindowsKey+E to open Explorer - then navigate to C\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail\Proof\prf0009\click on 2\ in right-hand pane double click Spell which opens Notepad. Change value of Lang= from 1033 to 2057. Close Notepad and confirm change - close Explorer. That's it.

The Dictionary listing in Windows Mail will still say US English, but it will now be spell checking in UK English.

  Batch 17:16 28 Feb 2010

Be great if there was such a simple solution.

There's no such folder or any apparent equivalent on XP Home with OE6.

The only "Proof" folder under the Program Files path is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof and all this contains is the OESpell installation of csapi3t1.dll, custom.dic, mssp2_en.lex, mssp232.dll and uninstall.exe.

C:\Program Files\Outlook Express only has the OE .EXEs and .DLLs.

I did some digging around after searching net for solutions. Seems many others had wanted to do achieve same thing, but, as I said, only solution I came across was a paid for one from an Aussie guy.

  Sbrads 17:39 28 Feb 2010

You could use the similar Live Mail email client that's part of Microsoft Live. When you install, just select the mail option. It has spell checking with language selectable including U.K. English.
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