UK Electrical Rules and Reg's

  spuds 23:12 27 May 2005

I am trying to locate any websites or links that will give me information on UK electrical rules and regulations in simplified text.

Problem: Decided to purchase another standard type garden pond water pump. The pump was supplied minus the fitted 3 pin 230volt plug and any wiring instructions.Usually, all electrical goods, under UK consumer law now have plugs fitted.

As a point of curiosity, after being told by the retailer, that garden pond water pumps are exempt from this fitted plug regulation [due to water and electricity combination], I contacted the local trading standards for their advice.Surprise-surprise, both the trading standards and the retailer and manufacturer have so far disagreed on the subject.

Apparently, the manufacturers [under great expense] have contacted all the relevant authorities for advice, and they state the no fitting rules applies.Trading Standards say's not,but they will seek further advice after the holidays. In the meantime, I would like to find any information available.

  Spark6 23:31 27 May 2005

To answer your first point - there is not a simple safe answer apart from - if in doubt, leave well alone.

Question: does the pump have a two or three core cable and is your outside supply protected with a 30Ma RCD?

  [email protected]@ 23:38 27 May 2005

Hubby bought a medium rating pond pump last week from a well known d.i.y warehouse,so out if curiosity I have just had a look in the box and guess what - no plug,just 3 core cable with instructions on how to wire into a waterproof outdoor box-whatever they are?

  Pooke100 23:54 27 May 2005

I used to work in the gardne dept of the 2nd biggest diy chain, and no plugs on the pumps! Never really knew why they where like that.

  Rtus 00:10 28 May 2005

most garden equipment (especially pond pumps /lightin/uv filters ) do not have plugs fitted due to the fact they have to be routed into the control box (weather proof outdoor switch panels) generally mounted outside close to the feature..again its common practice (and dare I say common-sense)to fit all supplies with RCD control, all of this info is available at any good garden centre /aquatic suppliers...There are places on the web too .

  Rtus 00:16 28 May 2005

however this may be what your refering to

click here

  Forum Editor 00:56 28 May 2005

I've been at it for years, and have bought more pumps than I care to remember.

Pumps aren't usually supplied with a moulded plug fitted for a good reason; they should be wired into an earth-leakage circuit breaker for safety reasons, and if a plug was fitted it would encourage people to plug straight into a ring main socket - something you should NEVER do.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 04:37 28 May 2005

plugs are not fitted if you plug them straight into the mains you will blow the circuit i know this because i have done it testing one out rather than go through all the hassle of getting it wired in properly i stuck a plug on it as soon as i applied power it tripped the mains out hence the probable reason a plug is not fitted

  wiz-king 05:46 28 May 2005

Have a look at the 16th edition regs click here and you will see that garden equipment installed on a permanent basis should be wired into an IPC enclosure - that means waterproof - you can get one from the local garden centre or DIY shop. Also you are not allowed to fit it yourself unless you are a qualified sparks or can get one to issue a certificate on inspection of your work (new regulation from the gov this year! No diy electrics in kitchen, bathroom or garden!)

  GRFT 08:24 28 May 2005


  Graham ® 09:10 28 May 2005

Or garage!

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