UK dialling codes from abroad for ISP

  Mister Dee 16:58 18 Feb 2003

I am shortly going to France and will take with me a borrowed Laptop.
I have set this up to connect to my own ISP
(BT Openworld) in the UK. No Problem.
Will I have to insert the UK dialling code of
+44 to the set up when trying to connect from
abroad or will the modem "know" that it's in
France and add the UK. code automatically ?
damned if I know !!
Any suggestions please.

  Switcher 17:21 18 Feb 2003

The modem wil not know what country it is in.

Insert the same code you would use if you were using a normal telephone.

  anchor 19:32 18 Feb 2003

Remember that you will be making an international call, and that is likely to be quite expensive. I have no idea what France-Telecom charge to call the UK, but with BT its something like 33p/min for us to call France.

Normally, one has to drop the first zero when calling in to the UK. Also, you will have discover what the international access code is in France. For example, from the UK, we must first dial 00, then the country code. I do not know what the French use.

ps: Thanks to OneTel, I only pay 4p/min +vat to call my friend in France.

  graham 20:05 18 Feb 2003

The code for international calls is pretty much standard at '00'. What is needed is for those who have used laptops outside the UK to tell us what works with their UK ISP. I was berated recently for saying that lo-call '0845' wouldn't work, I've asked BT but no response so far. What about free-call '0800', '0808'? What about ADSL? I think we all would welcome the true facts, judging by the posts, taking laptops around the world is becoming commonplace.

  anchor 10:05 19 Feb 2003

You could try contacting BT Openworld with your query, from their e-mail enquiry site:

click here

  graham 10:18 19 Feb 2003

'0845 numbers cannot be accessed outside UK'. Well, that's one out of the way!

  stlucia 12:53 19 Feb 2003

Do BT not have local access numbers in foreign countries? A local "partner" perhaps?

If you're going for a while, consider signing up with an ISP who has access in most countries, such as AOL.

  Mister Dee 16:03 19 Feb 2003

Thanks to all responses to date.

I have BT Anytime giving me a 0808 number.
Other sources indicate this won't work in France.
So apart from signing up with a new ( temporary)
ISP I can't see a way round this.
It also hadn't occurred to me that although I
"enjoy" Anytime in the U.K., that I would be charged for the " French connection" Is this right? I'm begining to think I'll leave the laptop at home and simply visit a local
Cybercafe for my e.mails home. !!

Great response as always. Ta.

  anchor 16:16 19 Feb 2003

Your last comment really sums it up. Yes, you would have to pay for a connection to the UK, even if you get a number that works.

I think that your idea to go to a Cybercafe is the most practical solution.

Bon Voyage!!

  Switcher 17:24 19 Feb 2003

Possible point of interest - If your Phone banking uses an 0845 number then you will have to get an alternative number from the bank if you wish to use phone banking from abroad

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