Uh oh - should have listened

  Sorrowful 00:02 11 Nov 2008

on an earlier topic post I enquired if I should buy a new PC, or try to upgrade my existing one.
I went for the upgrade and now... you gueesed it...
Am runing a compac with:

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
3.2GB of Ram
60gb hard drive
4x DVD Rom

I recently upgraded my video card from a
NVida GeForce 6200 to a 9600 Gt.

However, when I try to uninstall the previous drivers, it freezes

When I try to uninstall the previous drivers using the new driver's DVD, it freezes.

When I physically put in the new DVD card - nothing happens and the system does not boot.

An sucha newbie I keep being told it may require more "voltage" power but I cant find anywhere to diagnose this and I cant find anywhere obvious to plug in the new power lead from the card to the pc...

Any tips! Thanks

  ronalddonald 07:37 11 Nov 2008

operating system r u using, would help to give the correct advice.

  Sorrowful 08:42 11 Nov 2008

Hi Am running Windows XP Home edition

  jack 10:52 11 Nov 2008

Shut down the computer
Start and in the POST screen you will see 'Press Delete' for BIOS[or a similar] Do that and using the page up/down button scroll to the Graphics section- read it Press F10[ Exit without saving] and come back.

To remove drivers- Start in Safe mode[press F8 whilst booting]
Then go to Control/System/ hardware etc.,

  I am Spartacus 11:15 11 Nov 2008

You could try the advice on this link (jack has already mentioned starting in Safe Mode) and also use Driver Sweeper click here

  ronalddonald 20:59 11 Nov 2008

im thankful and grateful that you told us what operating system your using, now try what they said and if i don't work then do a complete reinstall why the heck you've 4 roms i will never know unless your planning to copy the complete works of shake spear or complete works of something??

Any stop feeling sorrowful and get you yourself motivated unless your dead in deadness or you can become alive in aliveness.

  Sorrowful 01:11 12 Nov 2008

Thanks for all the advice - eventually muddled through!
And thanks too to Ronalddonanld for his inane and spurious and decidely unfuny social commentary.

  tullie 08:01 12 Nov 2008

Maybe Sorrowfull is refering to 4xspeed?
Your right in your comments Sorrowful.

  laurie53 20:15 12 Nov 2008

Try to remember that this is a forum for absolute beginners, hence the name, and we are not all computer literate with the instant ability to diagnose that a full reinstall is the only solution.

  tullie 08:19 13 Nov 2008

Ronalddonald is,i believe,well known for some bizarre postings.

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