UGEE M100L Digital Tablet Issues

  Joshua Robertson 03:56 19 Jul 2018

I have a UGEE m100L digital pad graphics tablet. Recently I have been having numerous issues with the device and cannot figure out why. The tablet used to work fine prior to me moving houses, and for some reason no longer worked whenever I set it back up. The issue I'm having is that the tablet seems to view my two monitors as one, and moves between the two. This makes the device seem uncalibrated and makes drawing extremely awkward. For example when I try to draw a circle is becomes an oval. This makes drawing digital art almost impossible. The only way I can fix the issue currently is by switching to duplicating my screens rather than extending them. Since I am used to using references on one screen this is very inconvenient. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all drivers, and even downloading the drivers from UGEE's website. None of this has helped. I also cannot seem to find any settings that I can change nor can I find anyone with a similar problem that has actually gotten an answer. I could really use some help here...

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