ria 12:41 05 Apr 2006

A few months ago I bought Ufly4less (a flight searching Program), after it has been featured and recommended by PC Advisor. I am wondering if anyone else bought this program and if it is working, as I have had nothing but problems with it. As matter of fact I have jet to get it to work.

  Stuartli 12:45 05 Apr 2006

Why not use the CheapFlights or similar website instead?

It's also worth checking, even if you do find a convenient flight and price, on the airline's own website afterwards. Can be even cheaper on occasions.

  ria 13:00 05 Apr 2006

I do use user websites for searching flights. The write-up for this program was good and when I tried the demo version it worked fine. I just think when you spent money on an upgrade the program should work. I have asked for a repay, but had no reply.

  ria 13:24 05 Apr 2006

I am on broadband and I only had to enter licence details, which where e-mailed to me. When I d try to do a search it comes up with “"Your subscription does not allow you to search any products. Would you like to purchase a subscription? When I e-mail the support team for help they sent me an e-mail saying they have reset the licence. After re-entering the licence details I get “Licence details entered successfully. There will be a short delay while the new routes are downloaded”. When I put in a search after that I get the same error notice "Your subscription.….” This is been going on for several weeks now

  Al94 13:46 05 Apr 2006

try this one, always works for me click here

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