UEFI / BIOS startup problem on laptop

  Roadie_Adam 19:00 26 Dec 2014

Hello there! I have recently acquired an Orion gaming laptop from a friend. he upgraded, and I built it for him, in exchange for his old machine. this computer was running windows 8.1m but using UEFI. I have added new hard drives & ram, but when I try to start the machine to configure it via the bios, it powers up, but the screen stays blank, and it shuts itself down after about a minute. I'm thinking this might be the UEFI, as there is no longer an operating system on the new drives I installed. how would I go about re-setting the computer, so I can get into the bios, and change all the settings I need to change to get this computer running???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 26 Dec 2014

I have added new hard drives & ram

try without the new RAM

  Roadie_Adam 19:22 26 Dec 2014

that will mean I have no ram. I do not have access to the original SIMM's. they are currently in Australia, and I'm in the UK. should I still resart the machine without RAM?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 26 Dec 2014

it is straight forward to access BIOS settings, you pressEsc Del or one of the Fkeys at boot,

it’s not the same with UEFI. To access UEFI settings, you’ll have to go from within Windows.

If the drive with windows on is missing and UEFI secure boot is set from inside windows you may have to boot from a Windows 8 (.1) DVD and go into Advanced settings - Update and recovery - Troubleshoot - Advanced Options -UEFI Firmware settings - restart should take you into BIOS so you can then choose Boot - Disable UEFI secure boot.

  Roadie_Adam 00:12 27 Dec 2014

Thanks guys!! the RAM tip worked brilliantly, and went straight into BIOS.....I'm now up & running & sorted! thanks guys Adam

  Roadie_Adam 21:33 27 Dec 2014

Hello again! so I have got my Orion gaming computer running, but Windows 8.1 is not recognising my RAID array. it appears in the BIOS, but not in windows. any sugestions??

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