UDMA 133 HDD on a UDMA 100 MOBO ????

  [DELETED] 22:09 27 Oct 2003

I need to replace my hard drive for the first time !(Laughs all round.)

Can I use a HDD rated at UDMA 133 on my mobo which only supports UDMA 100 and lower?
Will the HDD run at UDMA 100 ?

If not,I have a spare PCI slot. Can I fit a PCI 133 bus master controller here to support the higher rated HDD ?

  woodchip 22:12 27 Oct 2003

Not posible unless it would work with a Promise PCI EIDE card,. As it as it's own bios

  woodchip 22:12 27 Oct 2003

It will run, but at the lower speed of 100

  [DELETED] 22:15 27 Oct 2003

To confirm what woodchip says - it will work fine, at UDMA/ATA 100 speed (not that you would ever notice, as hard drives are a lot slower than the interface speed allows for.)

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