Ubuntu11.04 install

  immer 12:11 06 Jun 2011

I have a duel system Tosiba Laptop WXPsp3 & Ubuntu 10 etc. I tried Ubuntu 11.04 from the dowloaded CDiso etc & liked it so descided to wipe the laptop with a one pass disc eraser prog & install all ubuntu 11.4. All went well till I logged on the new installed system. I get the background picture, the mousepad workes ok but I get no icons of any type. On another PC I remade the installation disc from a new iso DL & retried. Reinstalled over but with the same final resoult - no icons etc after login. No keyboard or F numbers do anything nor left or rt click on keypad....anyone any ideas please? (I tried the support page for this product but found the log in page defeated me, so I've come to you good friends !)

  kjrider 12:18 06 Jun 2011

Just to say I have had problems with the new Ubuntu 11.04 and i have now gone back to 10.10 which works fine for me. I am using it now.


  LastChip 13:54 06 Jun 2011

11.04, I'm sad to say, is one of those distributions that either works on a machine, or it doesn't.

In my view, it was released too early, not having been fully developed with the new Unity desktop and has done more harm than good to Linux.

kjrider's post is good. Try 10.10 and all should be well. Alternatively, try Linux Mint, which I think is a far better distro, particularly if your new to Linux.

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