Ubuntu wont load

  chazbell 12:32 22 Sep 2008

I have been given an old IBM laptop 5GB hard drive 512mg ram it had a copy of ME installed which was corrupted I have Formatted the drive with FDISK and can boot from Floppy I am trying to Install Ubuntu 804 the comp recognises Ubuntu after dir but wont install help

  baldydave 13:07 22 Sep 2008

Has the laptop got a cd/dvd drive?
If so download ubuntu and burn to cd as a ISO file very important,then go into bios(press del key or f2 as computer starts) make sure laptop is set to boot off cdrom first.
This should install ubuntu ok you may need to download the ubuntu alternative ISO file if the processor speed is quite slow.

  chazbell 13:37 22 Sep 2008

I have downloaded the disc with ISO I cant access the BIOS have tried Del F2 F6 F8 and CTRL the computer recognises the Ubuntu disc but wont start It will start and try to install XP I donr have a manual

  DieSse 13:47 22 Sep 2008

How have you made the .iso file into a loadable CD. You don't just copy it.

An .iso file is an image of a CD ready for burning - it needs an iso burning program to do so. Nero has such a facility, so do others.

Instructions for one such click here

  baldydave 15:15 22 Sep 2008

According to google to get into the bios it may be F1,what model laptop is it?
Fully agree with DieSee MUST burn with burner capable of burning ISO file,what burning software are you using?
if you drag drop and burn as a regular file it will not work.

  chazbell 17:27 22 Sep 2008

I am using Nero 6 the download has been saved to desktop and properties clear state that it is ISO file .Nero offers DVD And CD burning but I dont see anything about ISO there is an option to burn bootable disc I followed link to Bay Wolf ,but cant find anything like this in nero ,The laptop is an IBM Thinkpad and is old the first Op.system was 98Thanks for the replies but F1 doesnt work either

  iambeavis 17:56 22 Sep 2008

"BurnCDCC", the second one on the list will do the job. It's sole function is to create bootable disks from .ISO files.

  iambeavis 17:57 22 Sep 2008

Sorry! I forgot to post the link - click here

  baldydave 19:54 22 Sep 2008

Nero smart start/copy and backup at the top/then at the bottom move slider to the right and you will see burn image to disc.
Also look here for bios
click here

  chazbell 21:46 22 Sep 2008

Thanks for all the help.I have managed to burn a disc with"BurnCDCC" I also managed to get into BIOS I still cant get disc to load I think I will have to put an operating system on first I tried the disc on my desktop and it wants to load maybe this laptop is too old and the processor not up to it I read in a mag that someone revived an old PC with Ubuntu so wanted to try

  baldydave 22:39 22 Sep 2008

it looks like you cannot boot from cdrom on the thinkpad you will have to use another method,take a look here,
click here

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