Ubuntu in VirtualBox

  Digital 16:46 20 Apr 2008

Anyone tried installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox? When installing, at one point it says "all data in these partitions will be erased", this worries me! Is it referring to the virtual HDD?

  DieSse 18:38 20 Apr 2008

Yes, it's referring to the virtual hard drive. It's a standard Ubuntu message, and applies to any install.

  rossgolf 18:45 20 Apr 2008

im just tryin to install on ms virtual pc and i as going to post the same query. ie...when i install and it asks where ot install...shall i say entire disk space or will it over write xp? or just install on virtual drive ?

  DieSse 19:02 20 Apr 2008

I don't know the situation for MS virtual PC - I have actually used VirtualBox though. Sorry. I would have thought the situation is similar - but can't guarantee it.

I now install on a separate drive.

Incidentally Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS) Release Candidate has been released, I've just updated to it.

LTS means Long Term Support, and this is definitely the version to use now. It has all the latest bits in it - including OpenOffice 2.4 and Firefox3 beta5.

  rossgolf 19:14 20 Apr 2008

ok ill just go with it ...it wont overwrite i dont think cause im following a step by step guide on a site i found

  2neat 20:30 20 Apr 2008

"Anyone tried installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox?"
Yes. It is a bit worrying, but it is defo referring to the virtual drive. It is all in one folder. The step by step was in computeractive a while back. You do need plenty of RAM when using virtual PC. I popped it on out of curiosity but never spent much time with it. Windows xp is fine for me ;-)

  Digital 21:05 20 Apr 2008

thanks everybody, I'll give it another go tomorrow. I never got the CA instructions to work but in the April issue of PCLive (an Irish mag) there is a similar article & that works OK up to my query point.

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