Ubuntu not accessing Win7 shared folder

  sorceror7374 10:02 20 Aug 2011

I'm a complete Linux newbie but reasonably proficient with Windows. I've set up a laptop with Ubuntu 10.04 32bit and shared specific folders on my Win7 PC. Everything should work okay as they both can see each other, but when I try on Ubuntu to access the Win7 shared folder it asks me for username and password. In Win7 I'm always logged in as Administrator with no password set and Ubuntu won't let me connect to it leaving the password blank. It just keeps asking for my username/password over and over again without any kind of error message. It doesn't come up with 'access denied' or anything, it just keeps refreshing the username/password login/connect gui so I can't say which side of the fence the problem is occurring on though I suspect it's on the Ubuntu side. Any ideas on how to get around this?

  Simsy 11:42 20 Aug 2011

I have a feeling that you might have to set a password in Windows... Without it Windows thinks it's not secure and wont share the folder, (even with other Windows users).

With apologies if I've got that completely wrong!



  octal 12:59 20 Aug 2011

I'm only guessing at this, it might be a permission thing. Try going to System>Administration>Users and Groups and see if you need your name adding to one of the groups. I have had this problem before with other things and I took me a while to realise what was going on.

  LastChip 13:54 20 Aug 2011

I've not yet found any way of accessing Windows7 via Linux, other than with a password set.

Set up an account on your Windows7 machine, with exactly the same user name and password as your Linux machine (remember, Linux is case sensitive). You can give it administrator privileges and therefore, enjoy the same access as you do now, albeit via password protected access.

You then need to make sure at least one folder on the Windows machine is shared. If you have Windows7 Home, it may work, but Microsoft have crippled the networking capability, just to make you buy a more expensive version, so it's pot luck. If you're using a domain controller, Windows7 Home is a non-starter.

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