UBUNTU Installation of Thunderbird

  johnexpgn 10:25 23 Jan 2010

I have been trying to install Mozilla Thunderbird into my Ubuntu operating system using Synaptic manager.
After completion of the installation, when I try to open the program I get a message saying: that thunderbird is running and and not responding and I should close the program and reboot.
The program is not obviously running and if I reboot the same thing happens.
I have tried uninstalling with Synaptic Manager and reinstalling which appears to work ok but results in the same problem.
I did download the current version of thunderbird some time ago via the internet and not using Synaptic manager but did not install it.
Any ideas?

  LastChip 11:43 23 Jan 2010

Synaptic is normally excellent and it' really odd you're getting a problem.

The way to see if it is indeed runing, is as follows;

1. Open a terminal

2. At the prompt type:

ps aux

and hit Enter.

(all commands have to be executed with the Enter key)

3. This will tell you a number of things, but the items we are interested in are the second column (PID) and the last (Command).

4. Look down the commands and see if there is one for Thunderbird. If there is, note the PID that relates to it. If there's more than one, note all the numbers associated with Thunderbird and simply repeat the following for each PID.

Now go back to the command prompt and type this command:

sudo kill -9 [PID]

As you're demanding a executive command, you'll be asked for your password. Type it in and hit Enter again.

For example, if the process identification (PID) associated with Thunderbird was 3916, the command would be:

sudo kill -9 3196

The -9 simply ensures execution, in other words, you are telling the system to kill that process no matter what.

See what effect that has and come back if you need further help.

  johnexpgn 22:49 23 Jan 2010

I have tried what you have outlined as far as step 4.
I cannot find Thunderbird in the command list. So I could not go any further. Thunderbird appears in the Applications/Internet list but this message keeps appearing.
Exact Wording is:
"Thunderbird is already running but is not responding. To open a new window you must first close the existing Thunderbird process, or restart your system."

  LastChip 01:39 24 Jan 2010

What you're looking for (and this is a slight guess as I don't use Ubuntu) is probably this:


If you open your terminal to full screen, it becomes easier to see, as if you leave the terminal small, it automatically "crops" the commands.

  octal 08:11 24 Jan 2010

It's probably a problem with your profile.

click here

One of the causes can be a duff extension or a corrupt file in the Profile folder.

You might try deleting your profile and starting Thunderbird again, it will then create a new Profile. Just be aware that it will delete all your address book and old emails and settings, there is a way of saving them, you can export your address book when you open the address book and re-import it. It's easier to set the email accounts up again.

In Ubuntu click on Places then Home Folder, when the file manager opens click on View and put a tick in the Show Hidden Files then look down the list for .mozilla-thunderbird and delete it and start Thunderbird again and it will make another Profile.

  johnexpgn 15:42 06 Feb 2010

I have now changed my computer and will reinstall UBUNTU and try to make a clean and successful job.
I thought I would this time install the UBUNTU on a seperate partition rather than on a virtual one as before.
I will tick this problem as resoved for the time being and come back if there are problems.
Many thanks to all respondents.

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