Ubuntu Installation

  JohnR08 17:29 01 Apr 2010

I've got a spare laptop - Dell C600 running Win98SE. I wanted to upgrade to WinXP, but rather than paying out, I thought I would take the opportunity of a little experimentation and maybe try a different OS (Free of course) so Ubuntu popped into my mind.
I just wanted to know the best way of doing this.
I've got a disc with 9.10 but before I do anything:
1. Is my system up to the job (P4 processor 128Mb RAM 60Gb HDD)
2. If the system is OK should I format the hard drive to clear out all the old dross or should I load on a partition (there is currently a C:\ & D:\ drive).
3. Anything else I should know???

  Simsy 18:15 01 Apr 2010

Here are the specs...
click here

Scroll down and see the Xubuntu details.

I'd copy/backup any data first!

Ubuntu uses a different format for partitions, so you can't use the existing partitions. The install process offers you a wizard to deal with it, (as I recall... it was a while ago I did it!)

I'm not expert enough, (or at all with Linux!), to offere detailed instructions, but what you need to do rather depends on whether you are planning on keeping the Windows installation and dual booting, or replacing Windows?

Good luck! I'm sure others more knowledgeable with be along with more/better advice soon!



  raziel08 18:18 01 Apr 2010

i'M also not too familiar with ubuntu although i have used it and it is worth a look. however as you are using an very old laptop i would suggest that you choose another "flavour" of linux. have a look at puppy linux

click here and Getting Started.htm

  PC Bilbo 18:40 01 Apr 2010

The latest versions of Ubuntu (9.10) should allow you to install within Windows at install stage.This way, should you want to uninstall later, you will still be able to do this without making the MBR unbootable.

Latest Ubuntu will run better on 256MB RAM if you can upgrade. Alternative linux system you could look at is MEPIS with which I find everything just works out of the box. See here: click here

I have it installed on an old Amilo 700 laptop with a wireless PCMCIA wireless adapter which it picked up & installed automatically.

  robin_x 19:23 01 Apr 2010

I tried to install Ubuntu on a 10yr old Compaq Armada 128MB RAM 20GB HDD.

It would get all the way to the end of the install and just hang.
Tried a few times. Left it on all night. It was definitely hung.

I think Ubuntu install webpage says min 256MB required somewhere.

I continued with XP for a while (one application only at a time)
But then I started getting Hardware Faults errors and BSOD.

Memory modules arent cheap even when shopping around.

I gave up and bought a new laptop. No regrets.


I did recently make an Ubuntu USB boot card and tried it on my new laptop.

Still had the ISO saved and tried this.

click here

Up and running, made it persistent, found my router and check I could surf in well less than an hour.

It does now boot with MBR error press a key, if I want to boot back to W7.
But if I press a key every thing is fine.

I will Google how to fix that sometime. EasyBCD?
Stick my W7 disc in and repair? Not a problem just now.

  LastChip 22:52 01 Apr 2010

for Ubuntu, or any similar modern Linux distro, but the official recommended minimum is just 384Mb.

I find Linux Mint is great for new users and is generally easy to install.

As raziel08 said, Puppy Linux will run on 128Mb of RAM, although it may be worth a look to see if an upgrade of RAM would be worthwhile. 512Mb will give you many more options.

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