ubuntu instalation failed

  stormrider123 18:45 15 Jun 2010

hi i have a compaq presario SR2170NX Desktop with 512 mb ram
windows xp os
intel celeron d processor

the problem is that i get an error message when i try and boot form ubuntu live cd

at firt everything seems fine i i insert the cd and reastart my pc the purple background for ubuntu comes up then suddenlyevery thing turns black and there is an error message
heres is a brief explaniation of what it says.

there are some numbers inside a bracet then it says kernal panicthen it has another set of numbers inside brackets then it says timer not working try booting form noapic option

plz any help would be aprecieated

  MAT ALAN 19:03 15 Jun 2010
  stormrider123 19:48 15 Jun 2010

Thank you works perfectly

  stormrider123 20:07 15 Jun 2010

everything was working fine untill a quarter of a way whe suddenly it stops then screen goes black and i recieve an diffrent error message saying a certain file is missing i dont remember the name of the file
ill take a look and post it soon

untill then do you know why this problem aoccurs

  MAT ALAN 20:15 15 Jun 2010

click here
It may be exactly that, a missing file..
try making another CD and burn it at the slowest possible speed (recommended)

  LastChip 20:49 15 Jun 2010

In addition to Mat Alan's excellent advise, when you have your new disc, check it for defects. In fact you can check the one you've got!

When the disc first starts to boot, press any key (I find the space bar works well). This will give you a boot menu.

Select "Check disc for defects" and let it run until conclusion. You will then get a report as to whether the disc is good or not.

As Mat says, it definitely pays to burn slowly. There are may heavily compressed files on the CD and if just one is corrupt, it can screw up the whole installation process.

  robin_x 01:05 16 Jun 2010

My old laptop, 10 yrs old 125MB Ram, loaded 99% of Ubuntu then froze.

Gave up. Suppose I could try Puppy or Mint or something else.

But I did manage to make a Live USB with ubuntu.iso fairly easily. Change BIOS to check USB Boot drive first,, before CD/DVD then c drive.

Google uunetbotin, how to dual boot windows

  LastChip 02:35 16 Jun 2010

Ubuntu needs 256MB of memory, so it's not surprising the installation failed. In fact, it's quite remarkable it managed 99%.

Puppy may work. click here for the minimum requirements. Keep in mind, on a laptop, some memory may be used for graphics, but providing you tell Puppy to use a swap file, it'll probably work.

Linux Mint is a Ubuntu derivative and therefore requires 256MB.

Hope that helps.

  robin_x 08:41 16 Jun 2010

Good Morning. Just browsing and checking my random posts,


125MB? Of course I meant 128.

uunetbotin = uunetbootin.


I did investigate getting my old laptop up and running, but gave up and bought a new Compaq CQ61 last November.
New Router to Tower.

Happy as a pig in whatever

  Procrastinus 10:21 16 Jun 2010

I had problems with a downloaded and burnt CD installation for 10.04(Lucid Lynx). Got a disc from Canonical and installation was perfect. click here
Only problem was that Firefox was VERY slow, so changed to Chrome. Boots in 47 secs, shuts down in 10 secs - great OS

  robin_x 16:07 16 Jun 2010

Could also try 'Wubi'

That is 10.04, installs and uninstalls under Windows

click here

Or try Virtualbox.org with a Dustro or XP or Vista dsic

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