Ubuntu down is there a 'Restore' routine?

  SparkyJack 12:31 16 Jul 2011

The price of a night out[It was my birthday after all]I awoke this morning to find all the computers had been running all night.

Windows was a little cranky but a little bit of poking got it settle.

But Linux Ubuntu is another story- installed on another machine as a dual boot system- it simply refused to respond.

In a normal situation .after POST the screen presents the Windows/Linux selector, click to Linus and a Win error flashes to screen very quickly -too quick to read- then Linux kicks in.

This morning the Win error came to screen long enough to be able to read it read 'in grey [tryhd0.0]then in yellow 'NTFS file error prefix not set.'

Normally as stated this is quick flash on/off This morning however it stayed.

ctrl/alt/del command brought up no such device ubuntu/inst/bot grub cfg

So before I get radical with the harddrive- any ideas how to restore?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 16 Jul 2011

Have a read here

  SparkyJack 13:34 16 Jul 2011

Thank you FB Have printed that off and will have a go.

The next question is my first thought is to remove the disk and put it on a IDE/USB wire to the working Win computer so that I can see the root[basic window] to see what is what- or is there a better way - drive insitu or what ever?

  SparkyJack 10:41 17 Jul 2011

A result - but from a quite unexpected quarter[for me that is]

The Windows part of this set up was not functioning either.

But that was not my concern because on this machine Linux is king and that is what I was concentrating on.

However Windows itself was not behaving- so I set about correcting that issue- by using the repair mode and fixing both Boot and MBR

When rebooting Windows came back -as expected but so did also UBUNTU

I am still puzzling how the two could be linked but never mind all is well now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 17 Jul 2011

Glad your sorted thanks for the feedback

  octal 13:20 17 Jul 2011

Grub2 got corrupted?

  SparkyJack 11:18 18 Jul 2011

Octal wrote 'Grub2 got corrupted?'

Who knows -but as stated above , Whilst waiting for the Linux answer I set about restoring the Windows O/S, and to do this I inserted the Win. disk and selected the Repair option- which then puts up the C/: prompt.

'Which sits winking as if to say - So! Typed 'Help' and up came the DOS command list.

Selected 'fixboot followed by Fix Master Boot Record[MBR]

That did it.

Now above I commented I think 'How does Windows fix Linux?

Later thoughts of course suggest it does not.

'R' in Windoze puts you to the hard drive Root- presumably DOS must be firmware in the Bios.[or does the Windows disk do it?] any way what ever it must be the case that the Boot and Masterboot record are Hard drive functions in DOS not the actual operating system

Am I right do you think?

  LastChip 13:52 18 Jul 2011

There are too many ifs and buts to determine what happened.

As far as I can see, you've not told us how Ubuntu was installed. For example, was it the first installation and then you installed Windows as a dual boot (doubtful and difficult to do)? Or was it the other way around (also doubtful as Ubuntu would have taken control of the boot process)? Or, did you install in Wubi? When you installed Ubuntu, which file system did you use (likely now the result is known)?

All those possibilities will result in a different outcome. That's why answering this question was impossible.

I suspect from your result, you installed it in Wubi, in which case Windows would have maintained control of the boot process. Incidentally, the BIOS has nothing to do with the operating system operation. It simply finds hardware to pass control to. Therefore, when Windows failed, Ubuntu failed with it, even though there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it.

  LastChip 13:54 18 Jul 2011

Whoops! (likely now the result is known) should have referred to Wubi.

  SparkyJack 09:05 19 Jul 2011

Last chip

Ah yes Wubi

Whats Wubi?

This is my trouble at the moment as far as Linux goes - I am groping in the dark - new language[Words that is - I was never a coder

You also wrote in your 1.59pm

For example, was it the first installation and then you installed Windows as a dual boot (doubtful and difficult to do)? Or was it the other way

It is in fact dual boot[As I wrote above]

The machine set as a 'Plain Vanilla XP Pro' originally as this is my play machine[the one I can experiment with] I decided to have a go at putting Linux in.

And here is the tricky bit after downloading Ubuntu 11.4 on the main machine and [I think] putting it on as stick to transfer to the play machine got its self to a dual boot config. - the after POST screen puts up a selector panel Linux or XP- up/down arrow selects to system of choice and of it goes.

How did that happen[especially after your comment - DIFFICULT TO DO] In truth I dont know - it just did

Was I saying a prayer or plain cussing at the time?

  SparkyJack 12:52 19 Jul 2011

Well there you go. Having been working all morning with Linux - and proudly shown off to buddy I closed the machine down- just came back and rebooted and it had 'gone down once more'

Last chip- However to illustrate it is indeed a dual system- though I know not how here is a screen shot of it in action [when it feels like it]

[IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/zjc8x1.jpg[/IMG][link text]1" target="_blank">http://i56.tinypic.com/zjc8x1.jpg[/IMG]">1

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