Ubuntu 8.04 and Thompson SpeedTouch 330 Modems

  Condom 17:18 01 Oct 2008

I thought I would give Ubuntu a go following so many good reports. Anyway I downloaded it over a couple of hours, managed to burn the ISO image OK to disk and installed it on my slave hard drive. It seemed to go so easily and I was impressed. Even Open Office which came with it worked great and everything so fast compared to XP. However I can't get on to the Internet as there seems to be problems with the 330 and Ubuntu. There appears to be a solution posted on their help line which looks complicated and involves firmware upgrades etc. As I will be dual booting I don't want to ruin my 330 and I wonder if any of you out their have encountered the same problem as the 330 is very popular in the UK. Simple solutions which be appreciated.

  iambeavis 17:31 01 Oct 2008

Is the post, on page 2, from "vladi11" of any use to you? - click here

  Condom 17:38 01 Oct 2008

Been there as this is the site which involves some very complicated work arounds which may ruin the Modem. Thanks anyway.

  Eric10 17:56 01 Oct 2008

Have you considered changing your modem for an ADSL router as this is the best solution with linux? A router is self contained and doesn't need drivers so will work with either Windows or Linux with no changes needed.
Wired ADSL Routers click here
Wireless ADSL Routers click here

  Condom 18:02 01 Oct 2008

On my next upgrade I will get myself an ADSL router but at the moment I was just wanting to give Ubuntu a bit of a try. Looks like it is not for me at the moment and perhaps I will take it off again.

  LastChip 20:41 01 Oct 2008

a router without any doubt is your best option.

It'll just work with any Linux operating system you try. By contrast, USB modems and Winmodems are nothing short of a nightmare in Linux.

You could even pick a cheap one up off ebay to give Linux a try. Loads available there for not much more than peanuts!

click here for a new example from ebuyer at £19.99. This is an ADSL wireless router (I assume your Speedtouch is ADSL) and it doesn't have bad reviews. In fact I'm even tempted myself, as I'm not at all impressed with my current Netgear router. In addition, if you have no use for wireless, you can buy the equivalent for just £14.99.

Being as you're getting a superb operating system and all it's associated software for free, it seems a small price to pay. Damn sight cheaper than buying Vista!

  Eric10 21:00 01 Oct 2008

I'm with LastChip on this. It would be a shame to ditch Linux just for the sake of a cheap router. I'm running Kubuntu which is Ubuntu with the KDE Desktop instead of Gnome. I've just downloaded and installed a WYSIWYG web design program in a matter of seconds and all completely free.
With the help of the Internet I've also got my faithful Agfa Snapscan e50 working which had proved impossible under Vista.

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