tamig49 15:05 18 Jan 2011

How do I install Ubuntu on a Netbook? Will it install as a dual boot with Windows? Also, I have an older Gateway laptop (running Windows 98). Can I install Ubuntu on it?

  LastChip 15:21 18 Jan 2011

Let's try and take one question at a time.

First, the netbook.

You'll be well advised to install the dedicated netbook edition - click here

This comes with the rather futuristic Unity user interface - similar to Android on mobiles.

It is normally installed from a USB stick.

You simply follow the instructions provided by Ubuntu to make a bootable USB stick and install from there. It should dual boot without issues, providing you have enough hard drive space for both systems. Alternatively, run it from a USB stick directly, albeit at a lower speed. click here

Second, your old Gateway laptop.

If it's running Win98, it's maybe marginal for Ubuntu, but it depends entirely on what the specification of the machine is.

click here and see if it meets the requirements.

If it doesn't, don't worry, there are a number of Linux distributions (distros) designed to work on low powered machines.

A really good one I've found is Puppy Linux, click here which will almost certainly run on your laptop.

If I can help further, please ask.

  tamig49 15:24 18 Jan 2011

Thank you so much I am off to see what I can learn...I will let u know how this works...Thanks again.

  tamig49 03:05 20 Jan 2011

Lovin Ubuntu on the Netbook. Tomorrow I try Puppy on the old Gateway!! Thanks so much..you guys are great!!

  tamig49 04:23 20 Jan 2011

The Gateway will not boot up so I cant download anything on it until I get a functional OS on there. The CD drive is broken. Can I install Puppy using the USB stick or do I have to download the file onto the laptop first?

  scotty 09:51 20 Jan 2011

I am guessing that the Gateway is very old? Older computers may not support the option to boot from a USB device. Go into the BIOS and look at the boot devices options. It should list the devices from which you can boot.

  LastChip 11:14 20 Jan 2011

Have you got, or can you borrow an external USB CD drive? That is, an external CD drive that will plug into a USB port.

Does the laptop have a functional floppy drive?

I doubt you will be able to boot directly from USB, though I may be wrong. But as scotty says, take a look in the BIOS and see if it is an option.

  tamig49 14:50 20 Jan 2011

I think I am going to have to purchsse an external CD/DVD drive..I have been wanting to anyway. I will check the BIOS forst tho and get back to you. Have to go to work but will follow up on this later today. Thanks so much.

  LastChip 23:39 20 Jan 2011

The chances are, the external CD drive will not be any good without a functional floppy drive.

Do you have one on the laptop?

I suspect you're going to need the floppy drive to initiate the external CD drive. It's a work around when you can't boot directly from a USB stick or USB device.

If you plan to go down that route, I'll be very happy to advise you further. But we need to have a strategy in place that stands a reasonable chance of success. Otherwise, you're spending money on a potentially fruitless exercise.

So; next to check is:

Can you boot directly from UBS - check BIOS?

If not, do you have a functional floppy drive?

  tamig49 02:58 21 Jan 2011

Wow..its one thing after another...my power cord shorted out...now I have to by a new one of those also because the battery is shot. I will get back to u ASAP..soon as I go shopping. I am trying to get the laptop running for my son. If he does well with it then I will buy him a new one. Plus I am trying to learn some things..lol.Thanks so much I will be back with you soon.

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