Ubuntu 12.04 - XP - W7 - Acronis - Paragon Backup

  avesnes1 18:16 04 May 2012

I have two internal hard disk drives from which I triple boot. The disks are partitioned as follows:-

Disk 0 "C" with XP and "E" with Recovery

Disk 1 "D" with Ubuntu 12.04 (previously Vista) and "W" with W7

Having formatted "D" to clear Vista I then installed Ubuntu a few days ago. Everything seemed to be working OK until today when I tried to use Acronis v10 to do backups. It got as far as "Analyzing partition W" and froze as if it was in some loop. I had to use Task Manager to kill Acronis. I then tried Paragon Backup & Recovery v10.1 which seemed to start Ok but it too got into a loop and after a few minutes no "Time lapsed" or "Time remaining" appeared. It also had to be killed with Task Manager.

Any comment/guidance from members would be appreciated.

  rdave13 19:04 04 May 2012

Either boot manager at fault or the Paragon and/or Acronis versions also out of date? Ubuntu 12 might be the culprit, though, It's a leap foreward in Linux.

Ubuntu fail to see other OSs.

  avesnes1 20:21 04 May 2012

Thanks rdave13 for yor reply.

I thought that I would try booting from the Acronis CD/DVD. Acronis loaded and I thought it might have been successful because it got as far as the "Operation Progress" screen and appeared to be on its way. However, the "Current operation progress" and "Total progress" bands remained empty and after about 5 minutes a "8 hours remaining" message came up. I noticed that the hard drive light was flickering on and off. The normal time for my "C" partition is about 25 minutes. So I cancelled Acronis and closed down.

T then booted with the Paragon CD/DVD which loaded but although it allowed me to choose the partition to backup, it did not offer a target disk drive where the backup was to be created and stored. So I cacelled Paragon and closed down my machine.

I then (having removed the Paragon CD/DVD) booted into XP as normal.

I'm not sure if this adds anything to the pool of knowledge but it was worth trying the CD/DVD approach.

I would be grateful for nny other thoughts from members.

  robin_x 20:48 04 May 2012

How about bad sectors?

Try chkdsk for all source and destination FAT/NTFS partitions. I get freezing type problems or errors occasionally with Easeus or Macrium Imaging. I also believe Acronis and maybe Paragon can be affected the same way.

I don't know how you check ext2/3 etc partitions.

  rdave13 21:05 04 May 2012

I think the problem lies with with Grub2 somehow.

  avesnes1 18:16 06 May 2012

robinofloxley, I followed your suggestion of running chkdsk on my "C" and "W" partitions which took quite a long time and then tried Acronis once again from within XP ......... and it worked. I could back up the "C" and the "W" partitions. I then tried the "D" partition (i.e. containing Ubuntu) and that too worked. So many thanks for your suggestion.

For information, I had joined the Ubuntu forum where there were several posts concerning Acronis but I think that the queries and problems raised involved Acronis not running properly from within Ubuntu.

Thanks again.

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