UBS Problem

  Newuser4370 11:18 05 Jul 2004

I have a external broadband modem which loose connection after rebooting I am using o/s win XP have down loaded the latest drivers for the usb ports but still can not get my connection back.
The only way of restoring connection is to switch the PC off completely and wait a while,this then regains the connection....what can I do?

  MrGeesBigCircus 11:28 05 Jul 2004

Can you not use an ethernet connection to your network port? This would be aninstant connection and use no processor time either.

  MrGeesBigCircus 11:49 05 Jul 2004

Newuser, I'll post this on the forum so others can benefit.
You should have a connection on the back of your modem that looks the same as the network connection on the back of your PC. Check the user manual, as it will give you a run down of what is available on your modem.

  stlucia 12:45 05 Jul 2004

Have you loaded the latest drivers for the modem itself? Incidentally, what modem is it?

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