Ubi Surfer and webmail via PC

  SparkyJack 11:14 12 Sep 2011

One of my flock has a little device called UBI- SURFER From what I can gather it is a sort of cross between a mobile phone and a 'netbook.

She says that when she looks at mail on the device and edits out the unwanted. Then opens her E-mail client she gets all of it including those deleted on the UBI.

Can this be so? As I under stand it the device simply looks at E mail server via a mobile link, therefore all stuff deleted by this means should stay deleted on the server. Or am i missing something here?

  Woolwell 12:24 12 Sep 2011

It depends partly on the ISP eg for Virgin you can have the option of deleting it or keeping it as part of the settings. She is probably using the UBISurfer's e-mail client and it may depend on its settings too.

  SparkyJack 16:41 12 Sep 2011

I ubderstand Woolwell In an Email Client[ Outlook X or Thunderbird- that downloads from the server to the receiver- there is an optio to ratain copy on server ans the option not to. Can this also be so on the UBI ?f

From what I can see the link is straight to server [as in web mail] I don't think there is 'storage' on the UBI - or is there - HMMmm

I am going to look see on Friday I shall bear this in mind

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