Typing thing, should be easy to those that know

  bumpkin 19:58 05 May 2010

Hi everyone, I am trying to set up a word document
to print cheques. I am almost there but need to know how to do a half return, ie instead of return to the next line it only spaces half a line down.

  wiz-king 20:51 05 May 2010

As far as I know - you cant. if you want the 1/2 spaced line to be blank or underline then you can put in a small font size.

  wiz-king 20:53 05 May 2010

PS I would do it in Excel - much easier to adjust spacing.

  bumpkin 21:06 05 May 2010

Thanks wiz-king,
I had not thought of changing the font size, that could well work I will try it and post back.
Could probably do it using Excel but I wanted to
keep as simple as possible.

  Alan2 21:50 05 May 2010

When you want to have - as you call a "half line" space - hold the shift key down as you press return.

  bumpkin 15:22 06 May 2010

Hello, thanks for your suggestions, I possibly did not explain too well.
What I actually require is to move the whole of the text down by about 3mm by whatever is the easiest means.

  Sea Urchin 16:01 06 May 2010

If you literally did a half-return the two lines would print running into each other, but Word can of course select how you space the lines. Go to Format - Paragraph - under Spacing, and in the Line Spacing box change to At Least or Exactly, and then play with the point settings. You should be able to find a setting that will do as you require.

  Pineman100 17:29 06 May 2010

bumpkin - wouldn't the easiest solution be to place all your text into text boxes? You can then make small adjustments to the positioning of the text box on the page.

  bumpkin 21:34 06 May 2010

Thanks for your replies, I did this in a text box
to start with but could never manage to move it to
the right place.
Will try suggestions again.

  bumpkin 21:38 06 May 2010

Just want to move the text down 3mm. Adjust the top margin? or am I on the wrong track.

  bumpkin 15:38 07 May 2010

thanks again everyone, I think separate text boxes for each line is the answer I tried to use just one
text box for the whole thing, thanks Pineman.
One last thing, can a text box be place absolutely anywhere on the page or are there limitations?

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