typing round a circle

  chippy+ 15:15 14 Mar 2010

hi could any of you guys or gals help my wife is trying to make a template for round badges for a charity how do we print round the circle we have looked at and tried adoobe illustrator but find hard as we dont know enough about the apps i have heard open office has templates for this purpos thanks Chippy

  Technotiger 15:23 14 Mar 2010

I have not done this myself, but maybe this will help ... click here

  Terry Brown 15:36 14 Mar 2010

the easiest way to do it is to use Microsoft Paint.

Create your circle (Using Eclipse) the go to the Text {A} button and create a small text box for each letter you want,( the text 'box' disapears after use, just leaving the letter) or you can use Zoom, select 400 or above, and create your own artwork.

  DieSse 17:16 14 Mar 2010

I use an old MS package called PhotoDraw - came with Office 2000 Pro. It's excellent for these types of task, and can bend text in any arc you want.

I use it all the time, as it's easy to use and very flexible.

If you can find someone with an old Office 2000 Pro 4 disk version - grab it.

See an example on the logo here click here

  DieSse 17:18 14 Mar 2010

PS - send me the text and general idea, and I'll send you back a jpg or png or tiff, as you wish.

  BT 17:40 14 Mar 2010

If you have MS Word you can use Wordart

If you have Openoffice you can do it with Fontwork from the Drawing Toolbar.

Either has an option to produce a completely circular Text or partial circles if required.

  Terry Brown 19:47 17 Mar 2010


Please explain how you can create a circle with wordart.


I have an old copy of Office 2000pro (not sure of version), but I cannot find it on the CD, Please can you advise where it is(file name), and is it a 'stand alone' program.

many thanks Terry

  DieSse 19:56 17 Mar 2010

The full version has 4 CDs - CDs 3 & 4 are Photodraw. The offer still stands if you want.

  BT 08:51 18 Mar 2010

In Word

Open a New Document

Open The WordArt Menu Bar

Click on the big A at the left side (Insert Wordart) and Choose a style. In the box that comes up Type in your text. Chose Font and size. Click OK

Click on the Type in your Doc and a bounding box will appear

Click on the 'ABC' icon in the Toolbar and pick the Circle shape in the box that appears (2nd line 3rd shape)

This will put the text into a sort of circle. Adjust the bounding box to make it look right.

Right click and Copy, then Paste into a photo program and save as a JPEG

click here

  esel 20:38 18 Mar 2010

the best for this kind of need is Freehand. simple and easy.

  BT 08:19 19 Mar 2010

..is another FREE option.
It can be downloaded from
click here

Use the Curve Text Wizard to put text into a variety of curved and circular shapes. Very easy to use.

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