Typing in French

  exdragon 17:10 29 Aug 2003

Hi: is it possible to use the normal keyboard to type automatically in French? I've got the English and French options in the system tray so I can switch between them, but if I use the French option, I then need to spell check it using the appropriate dictionary.

This changes most of the words to the properly accented ones, but does ignore some which need accents. I've checked the various help options, but it's not worth buying a French keyboard. I've got Win 98SE and Word 2000.


  xania 21:15 29 Aug 2003

In Word go to <Tools><Options> snd select the <Spelling and Grammar> tab. You will see that your normal dictionary is Custom.dic, but you can now set up second dictionary French.dic and toggle between the two. You should also find tht, once you have set the dictionary for a prticular document, it will hold until changed for tht document, in which case you might want to set up a French.dot template as well.

  exdragon 21:54 29 Aug 2003

Thanks, Xania - as I mentioned, if I use the French keyboard to write a letter, then spell check it using the French dictionary, it will change, for example, tres to tres with the accent. What I'd like to do is type the tres and the accent appear automatically.

Maybe I'm trying to do the impossible.

I also need to remember to change the keyboard back to English, or I get some very odd sentences!

  xania 17:35 30 Aug 2003

In Word go to <Tools><Language> nad you can set the language to France AND not only spell check but grammar check as well.

Once again, set this up as a template and off you go!!

  exdragon 20:45 31 Aug 2003

Thank you one and all as usual!

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