Types of DVD

  villageidiot 14:56 20 Feb 2007

Having spent about two hours searching on forums, I am clearly one step behind everyone else in computer understanding.

Where can I find an explanation of what DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+RAM etc is all about?

How do I decide what I should have on a drive, and which media to buy?

And what's all this about 4x, 8x 16x etc? Tells me nothing. Why aren't they rated by the time in minutes that it takes to read or write a full disk, or in megathingies or gigathingies per second? Then simple souls like me would understand.

Another quick question. Definitive answers only please. What's the difference between a Megabit and a Megabyte? Is it simply that one byte equals eight bits? Why are USB Flashdrive capacities quoted in MB, but transfer speeds in Mb/s?

  uesquebeathus 15:37 20 Feb 2007

try Wikipedia at this url click here
that and the other highlighted site should give you enough data on dvd

  rodriguez 16:13 20 Feb 2007

Nowadays most drives can handle anything so it doesn't matter what one you get. The media also doesn't really matter on newer DVD players, but older ones may have problems reading + format discs, so I always record films on - format discs. The 4x, 8x etc. are writing speeds and it comes from CD writers when the recording speeds were measured in 4x, 8x the playing speed etc. Also a megabit is used in transfer speeds and a megabyte is used in storage terms, which is why USB flash drives are measured in MB and the transfer speeds in Mb/s and one byte does equal 8 bits.

  SANTOS7 18:15 20 Feb 2007

click here

click here

these will help,good luck..

  villageidiot 00:17 22 Feb 2007

Many thanks for the links, Now it makes sense. If only I could remember it all.

The point I was trying to make about MB and Mb is that we don't show distances on maps (The quantity) in miles, and then graduate speedometers (The rate) in yards per hour, so why show drive capacities in MB, and the rate of transfer in Mb? Surely the rate should be in MB/s. There are lots of mistakes even on vendors' web-sites, where Mb are shown when it should be MB, or vica versa.

And when I've put the computer world to right I've still got the rest of the world to do!

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