Type fast and die

  Josquius 12:26 28 Dec 2005

Today my computer has developed a annoying habit.
It seems whenever I type fast the mouse and keyboard stop responding. This is occasionally just for a few seconds however I have had to do a hard reset on two occasions.
Last night I was doing a lot of typing with no trouble and did nothing in the meantime to make it develop such a problem.
Any idea what it could be?
It also occasionally happens when I am just moving my mouse about. This bit has only just developed.

  Diemmess 12:36 28 Dec 2005

Best guess faulty

Keyboard (Substitute?)
Mouse (ditto)?
Word processor has a corrupt file (try Wordpad or even Notepad)

  ACOLYTE 12:49 28 Dec 2005

Just an idea have you tried altering the repeat rate for the keyboard it may have gone to slow instead of fast.Control panel/other hardware/keyboard.

  spuds 12:55 28 Dec 2005

You do not mention what type of keyboard and mouse that you are using.Have you checked your connections/batteries/looked for dust/kinked cable!.

  pj123 13:14 28 Dec 2005

What program are you typing in? When I type into Word 2000 I find it takes about 3 seconds to catch up with me (70wpm) but after that it keeps up no problem. If I type text into MS Publisher text boxes (or any other program that accepts text) there doesn't seem to be a time lag at all. So, to me looks like it's all down to MS Word.

  woodchip 13:14 28 Dec 2005

Check with AV that you have not got a keylogger

  Josquius 14:37 28 Dec 2005

AV? Keylogger?
Anti-virus and someone checking what I type?

I have a optical mouse and regular keyboard, both go into standard keyboard/mouse slots with wires.

At first I thought it was a word problem though it happens elsewhere too. It is getting to the stage that if I leave my computer for a while then shove the mouse I get a angry system beep and a freeze before movement.

  VoG II 15:36 28 Dec 2005

Scan with a² click here

  Josquius 18:42 28 Dec 2005

Already scanned with trend micro house call.
Once I got two virusses which were removed. Second time I got nothing.

This is strange now as I write this my mouse has stopped but my keyboard is fine which hasn't happened before.

  VoG II 18:45 28 Dec 2005

I suggest that you scan with a² as well - it is very good at removing trojans, including keyloggers.

  Josquius 19:42 28 Dec 2005

I do not think it is a trojan.
I have downloaded nothing suspect to get one and why would someone be hacking me and causing my input devices to lock up? Surely they would want me to think all is normal.

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