TX-P42G20 & hard drive

  2neat 19:17 29 Jun 2010

Hi, looking for a list of compatible hard drives for this tv without much success....any help would be appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 20:29 29 Jun 2010

i think compat. LIST is pushing it a bit i have scoured the net and can find plenty that don't work
and the many sites that explain the pitfalls.
My advice would be to contact Panasonic to give you a definitive answer...

  2neat 22:35 29 Jun 2010

Found this:-
>And finally, so far the only brand of USB HDD confirmed to work by Panasonic is Buffalo’s JustStore Desktop HD-EU2-UK series. >>

As I keep pointing out in the latest Panasonic TV reviews, any USB external hard drive should work, providing you scroll down from the Timer Recording screen's first column through Ext Rec>Reminder>USB external hard drive....:-)

It works! An old 320G laptop drive in a cheap caddy. Full HD recording, pause live TV and rewind.
Not quite as good as sky+ IMO but great for nowt (no subs)

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