Is Twunk_32 a nasty?

  SB23 20:21 09 Sep 2007

While doing something else I came acroos the above.

I've Googled and one site says that its a nasty, and has been put on my pc by the BLACKMAL.C worm, other sites say about fixing the file.

It would appear that the author is Twain Working Group, which is part of Twain Thunker. Another site says that its part of scanner software, and I own a HP All In One, so at the mo, I'm very confused.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please, before I pull out what hair I have left, lol!



  €dstowe 20:26 09 Sep 2007

Twunk 16 and Twunk 32 are used in scanners and OCR programs.

  birdface 20:33 09 Sep 2007

Googled. click here

  skidzy 20:45 09 Sep 2007

" While doing something else I came acroos the above ".

Exactly what Steve ?

Have you scanned with your AV and antimalware apps ?

Some advice and apps if needed click here

I would sugest scanning in safemode with your Anti virus then Superantispyware.

If your spelling is exactly correct as above ( Twunk_32) i would say its safe and as €dstowe says.
However if its in lower case,its time to scan.

  woodchip 20:46 09 Sep 2007

They are not for AV they are for flatbed scanners

  [email protected] 20:49 09 Sep 2007
  SB23 21:16 09 Sep 2007

I was looking for a file I had lost, but in the search Twunk_32 came up.
I found what I had been looking for, but was curious as to what Twunk_32 actually was.
After Googling I was confused as some sites said it was an undesirable, others said not so.
I'll be back in a few mins, as I'm scanning with Superantispyware.


  skidzy 21:30 09 Sep 2007

Steve i think your quite safe if your Antivirus is upto date and run reguarly.

The Twunk_32 is an old virus associated with mass emailing and almost all AV's should deal with this.

Twunk_32 is the TWAIN Source Manager for your HP all in one.

  SB23 21:52 09 Sep 2007

You were both right, all scans are coming up clean, Superantispyware came up with only a few cookies, and Avast is finding nothing.
I've had another look at the file and have been able to identify the company its related too. (Wouldn't show me yesterday), but yes, you guessed it, its HP.
Sorry for asking the question, but I had to know, as I was worried one of the kids had downloaded a bug again.

But I guess it is to do with the scanning capabilities of my All in One. (Big Sigh!)

I'm resolved so will tick, thanks to both of you, and all else who replied.


  €dstowe 22:10 09 Sep 2007

Always happy to help.

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