Two Webcams on One PC

  premier man 13:34 28 Feb 2006

This may be a very stupid Question, but is it possible to run two webcams off one PC.
I am probably leaving myself open to all sorts of brickbats,
sorry gordie

  premier man 13:41 28 Feb 2006

Thanks Jackcoms,
The reason I ask is I have Skype installed and would like to use one webcam as a roving Cam

  bruno 15:22 28 Feb 2006

I had two installed on mine for a while(purely for testing) and I had to choose which one I wanted to use.I was not able to have them both on at once,although I stand to be corrected on this,I may just not know enough.

  premier man 17:06 28 Feb 2006

thanks for that,any reason why you could`nt have both on together??

  bruno 18:15 01 Mar 2006

I did not get that far involved as one of them was for my Grandson and I was just making sure it worked.I expected to be able to open them ,one in each window,tiled, and compare them for performance,but I could go on to camera in Messenger or just as webcam,but I was always offered a choice.He took it with him after a couple of days so I did not get much chance to experiment.

  premier man 20:33 01 Mar 2006

thanks for that,
I will give it a go and experiment

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