Two USB ports no longer work

  JellyWoman 17:25 11 Jan 2010


My computer crashed two weeks ago when Avast was being reinstalled.
I had to turn the PC off via the plug (never done that before) and since then TWO USB ports on the front of my PC no longer work.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

  FreeCell 17:57 11 Jan 2010

Have you used Device Manager to check whether any USB ports are set as disabled or non-functioning (Yellow triangle next to them.) Try disable and re-enable each port to see if they will come back.

Alternatively have a look at this little utility and see if it throws any problems on your PC. click here

  GaT7 18:02 11 Jan 2010

If FreeCell's suggestion doesn't work...

With the PC off & mains disconnected, open the case & see where their cables are plugged into the motherboard headers. Disconnect & reconnect it. Re-attach mains cable & check if they're OK after booting into Windows.

If no joy to the above, you'll have to have a look in your motherboard manual if there are any more USB headers on the motherboard - some boards come with 2x headers. If it does, try it in the other header.

If no joy with the above either, you can get a USB hub. This will need at least one free USB port on the rear, & a powered one is preferable. You can also get an internal hub. Suggestions with links if needed. G

  JellyWoman 00:37 11 Feb 2010

Sorry for delay , was ill then busy. Can't find the quote button.

FreeCell-I downloaded your link and it says my USB controllers need updates and ther's red boxes beside two. The other USB's are showing as ok.

Crossbow7-I couldn't open my PC up as i'd never take the risk.

  JellyWoman 00:39 11 Feb 2010

No edit button either! Not used to that. Wanted to ask whether it was ok to register with the site so I can obtain the drivers it said I need? I'm not sure what drivers are but I guess it's a genuine site.

  JellyWoman 23:11 16 Feb 2010

I found out that blitware isn't to be trusted. Can anyone else help? I can't find the drivers for my pc and ports still not working.

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