Two Tunnel VPN Network_is there one?

  Anti_Virus 21:17 01 Mar 2005

Hi, I'm 16 and currently doing GCSE's but I illness that restricts me from getting to school all the time. I am now receiving home tutoring from the council, and my tutors have told me that it would be good if they could get on to the internet so we can examine Shakespeare etc. Now comes the problem. My dad works from his home office a lot, and has to log on to his company's VPN to connect to the internet. We have an ADSL line and a network router/modem which he connects to. But the modem we have only lets through one VPN tunnel at a time. This means that while my dad is online on his VPN, we can't get on to the internet. So.... if any body knows if there is a modem and network router that enables one VPN tunnel to be online at the same as another, please tell me ASAP, as I am aproaching my final GCSE's and it is really important.

  Chezdez 22:20 01 Mar 2005

why not just get a switch, and share the connection between two computers?

  Forum Editor 23:50 01 Mar 2005

will allow multiple VPN tunnels, but not all of them do.

There are all kinds of possible issues here. One of them is that two users attempting to use the same VPN server from the same location can end up interfering with each-other's tunnels. In many cases the remote VPN server will immediately terminate both connections to prevent what it interprets as a security breach. I'm not quite clear about where the router is - at your home, or at your father's office? You can establish a tunnel to a remote VPN router using VPN client software on your machine - which is why I ask.

I suggest that your father discusses this with his company's network administrator.

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