Two totally unrelated questions

  Josquius 14:25 19 Jan 2005

1: How would I go about going onto a new line in a message box on VBA?

2: What is the best way to put adsl on two computers in the same house? Would you need two modems or a two way cable from one or is it just not possible?

  ACOLYTE 14:30 19 Jan 2005

Dont know what VBA is,so i cant answer that 1 ,as for the other you can do it with one modem,either by LAN or Wireless connection,depends where the pc's are in the house.A modem router may be a way to go as well.

  stylehurst 14:35 19 Jan 2005

Can't help with VBA question;
To share ADSL suggest LAN & router. Assuming you already have ADSL modem then suggest something like USR router (£40 approx) Lan cable will cost approx £1 per metre.
This approach enables both PCs to access net without 1 computer having to be on for the other to access net as would be case with ICS.
Also has advantage that router will have a built in firewall.

  Technotiger 14:42 19 Jan 2005

Hi, VBA, have a look here -

click here


  Josquius 14:59 19 Jan 2005

Will having a LAN setup not allow the computers to access each others files?

  Chezdez 15:24 19 Jan 2005

to set up a lan, your best bet is probably to get a modem/router/switch all in one, then your phone line goes into the router, and then cables from the ports on the router out to the PC's. you'll need straight through cables for this please note.

usign a LAN will allow the two computers to see each others files, but i'm not entirely sure how to set this up yet, still getting round to learning that bit :P

  Josquius 17:04 19 Jan 2005

...darn. Is there no way to set up passwords about it to stop this?

Bump on the VBA, all I need is that one little command code.

  VoG II 17:08 19 Jan 2005

you would have had an answer hours ago.

msgbox "line 1" & chr(13) & "line2"

  Jeffers22 17:26 19 Jan 2005

As far as file sharing is concerned, if you don't enable it the PC's files are effectively invisible to each other.

The answer is then to connect them up as mentioned above and do not enable file and printer sharing.

  Chezdez 09:41 20 Jan 2005

sorry, i didn't make that very clear did i?

jeffers is right, unless you enable file and print sharing, then you won't have file and print sharing. so just setting them upto share internet won't share the files

sorry bout that, my bad.... :-/

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