Two Tone Siren when playing games on Windows XP

  turntableslave 23:48 25 May 2006

Hi Guys,

I hope somebody can help - since installing a new hard drive a few months ago, we are getting constant sound errors during any games we play - notably The Sims 2 and Battlefront 2. The sound is a two tone siren-like noise and seems to happen completely at random. We can sometimes play the game for two hours with no problems, then the next time the sound error will occur in the first five minutes etc. The error doesn't stop the game from running, and there are no error messages, but as you can imagine it is incredibly irritating! The sound seems to come from both the sound card and the interal speaker.

The only reference I can find from a quick web search is to the machine overheating and the siren indicating this. However, as I say, there is no pattern to it, and restarting the game will sometimes eliminate the problem completely, so that doesn't seem to fit.

Sorry it's a bit vague, but has anyone ever encountered anything like this before? Any tips for sorting it out?



  Totally-braindead 23:52 25 May 2006

What I would try in the first instance is reinstalling the sound drivers, if that didn't help then I would check for an updated sound driver and try that.
I have seen something like this once before and in that case it was nothing to do with overheating or anything else like that, it was a problem with the sound driver and the game.

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