Two tablet questions

  john bunyan 18:28 27 Jan 2013

About to buy an iPad 4.

  1. Is there a good free anti virus? I bought a Norton one for my grand daughter's Samsung Galaxy, but would prefer a freebie for mine. I use Avira on my desk and laptops.

    1. Cloud storage. I tunes has a bit of free cloud but charge about £23 to swap between PC's. The Galaxy came with so called free 500 gig of cloud, but wanted a credit card no, so they could charge, I think, £50 or £30 next year. I would prefer to use one or more USB Hd's. Is it worth paying for cloud that charges? I know about dropbox for small transfers.
  john bunyan 18:29 27 Jan 2013

Second 1 should be 2 !!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 27 Jan 2013

The Cupertino, California, company behind the Apple Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad has included anti-virus and malware software called Gatekeeper in its new OS X Mountain Lion operating system

I prefer my backups where I know they are safe,

I don't think the ipad will drive a usb hard drive connect the drive to a Pc and the connect the ipad via its chargng cable to a PC and backup the data from the ipad via the PC.

  Woolwell 18:44 27 Jan 2013

You will not need an anti-virus for the iPad. Of course the situation needs reviewing over time but currently the threat is nil as all of the apps are vetted by Apple. It is more secure than Android.

Not sure why you need a lot of cloud storage. I back the iPad up to my PC and then the PC is backed up. Cloud is useful for transferring docs and I find the free DropBox is sufficient for documents etc. PhotoStream supplied with the iPad means that photos taken on the iPad get transferred to the PC easily. If you have an iPhone then its photos also appear in Photostream.

  Woolwell 18:46 27 Jan 2013

To add to Fruit Bat's post the iPad will not power a USB drive or really interface with it at all.

  john bunyan 19:01 27 Jan 2013

Fruit Bat, Woolwell

Thank you. I realise that a tablet is an extension of a PC, as was and is the iPod, of which it is a big brother (Or sister). I will continue to do my back ups on other HD's as I do now. That way even a reset would not lose stuff. I agree re cloud but wondered why Samsung "gave" 500 gig with a Galaxy 7" tab - I think a gimmick to get people to sign up for a paid version next year, as I only have about 80 gig of data on 2 PC's!When I challenged the Currys sales guy he gave some bull** about cloud and the future, which I did not accept. I am reassured re anti virus. If I could green tick, I would!

  Woolwell 19:16 27 Jan 2013

Gatekeeper is not on the iPad but iOS is quite secure.

Suggest that you download Find my iPhone app if not installed. You can use it with the iPad to a find it by map or by getting it to play a sound but more importantly remotely lock it or erase data.

  john bunyan 20:09 27 Jan 2013


I will indeed get the find my phone app. I did have it on a grand daughters iPod but it only worked if the iPod was in contact with a wi fi, which most of the time it was not. An iPad will be more normally in a wi fi zone. PS I assume the apps that offer Sat Nav use that technology, not 3 or 4G?

  Woolwell 22:34 27 Jan 2013

It works with my iPad on wifi only and is quite accurate with location, which at times I find worrying eg how much tracking is going on. It works too on my iPhone.

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