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  sidandlil 11:51 19 Mar 2011

Hi, Hope I am posting in correct forum.I am on talktalk broadband, when i turn on my pc and run broadbandspeedchecker, I get a download speed of around 3000 ( which I know to some is pretty good), however, if I click on my wireless connection status and disconnect, then reconnect, I can get speeds of around 7000. I am on windows xp, pentium 4 computer and recently installed an edimax wireless card which increased my speed from 1500 or so ( I used a netgear dongle before). Is there a setting I can alter on my pc to connect at the higher speed whenever I go online as it is tedious having to go through the procedure of disconnecting and re entering password every time.I am using avast antivirus and comodo firewall.

my partner has a small netbook and this connects at the high speed every time. I have tried copying her settings but mine appear to be the same anyway. she is on avg and windows firewall, that is the only difference i can see.


  rdave13 23:23 19 Mar 2011

Be wary of bb speed checkers. They'll inevitably show different 'speeds'. will allow you to keep previous tests as comparisons. Whenever you use such testers always run about three tests from the same servers to get an average. Also run at different times of day if you can. Three I'd recommend;
click here

click here

click here

The last one is generous with what speeds it monitors.
Take three readings from the same server at specific time of day to give you a general download speed.

  sidandlil 20:51 20 Mar 2011

Cheers for that butI think you had the wrong end of the stick there. Using the one checker, broadbandspeedchecker, I get diff result after i disconnect,ie, my first reading is low and after resetting my connection, it is higher. not different testers giving differemt results.


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