Two speed Internet, one ISP and phoneline

  musicbassman 18:59 10 Mar 2003

We have two computers in our house. One is an old AMD 500 on ’98 SE, the other is a new Pentium 2.4 on XP. They both have the same McAfee antivirus program and settings installed, and both can connect (at different times) to the internet via Claranet on a dial up modem. i.e. the same phone line is used. Broadband is not available here.
What I don’t understand is that I have numerous problems connecting to the internet on the 98 machine, and it runs like treacle, eventually seizing up altogether. It gains a fresh lease of life by rebooting and then running a McAfee update, then after a couple of days the internet connection and download speeds get slower and slower until I have to repeat the process. Whereas the XP machine connects first time every time and downloads are always very quick with no problems. Both machines have exactly the same TCP/IP settings and protocols.
Obviously there must be some conflict or incorrect setting on the 98 machine somewhere, and obviously neither the dial up settings, ISP or phone line can be to blame. Where do I start looking ? Don’t suggest that the old machine goes in the skip please, we need both computers in this house !

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