Two small things

  mark e 21:37 22 Mar 2003

I'm running Win WP Pro

1. How do I get my auto disconnect dialup back when closing IE6.

2 How do I get the toolbar back at the bottom of IE6

  Bacon & Eggs 21:58 22 Mar 2003

1. No idea. I've had XP Home for six months and it remains mostly impenetrable to my efforts.

2. Menu at top of screen: View > Status Bar (click).

50% done.

  graham 22:00 22 Mar 2003

Stop running, try again tomorrow.

  graham 22:03 22 Mar 2003

Try Bacon & Eggs tomorrow.

  mackaycc 22:04 22 Mar 2003

In IE.

Tools >Internet Options > Connections > highlight default connection > Settings > Advanced > Tick the box reading "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed"

Hope this helps.

  mark e 22:04 22 Mar 2003

graham, I was wondering why i'm tired, there was me thinking it was flu.

Bacon & Eggs, The disconnect was working this morning and I have added no new software.

  mark e 22:08 22 Mar 2003

mackaycc, I checked and that box was ticked already. but thanks for your thoughts
Mark E

  mark e 22:10 22 Mar 2003

Item 1. Sorted
Item 2. Outstanding
Any thoughts please. Mark E

  powerless 22:13 22 Mar 2003

2) Click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. If it does not move right clcik taskbar and deselect "Lock the taskbar".

  mark e 22:16 22 Mar 2003

My appologies I have dyslexic fingers.

Item 1 Remains unsolved

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